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Error Code #50301 - Unable to complete payment.

Error Code #50301 - Unable to complete payment.


Error Code #50301 - What does it mean?


Repeatedly received when trying to complete purchase.  It seems to be another of the many system errors trying to pay by PayPal.  These companies couldn't figure out how to make the system work with the PayPal spin off company before they completed that spin off?  Maybe their lawyers required the system to be a semi-functional disaster to prove the independence of PayPay? IF SO, IT'S A COMPLETE SUCCESS.


**bleep** is the purpose of error codes? Thsi si a fundemental problem of obfuscation and poor customer realtions strategy.  Why is the default regarding error messages to keep the customer in the dark about the problem? (This goes way beyond ebay.) How about an informative error message that helps customers decide what to do next?


EBAY - I DO NOT WANT TO CALL YOU!   I want to be able to report this problem and seek assitance via email!  

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Re: Error Code #50301 - Unable to complete payment.

Re: Error Code #50301 - Unable to complete payment.

in reply to Sep 30, 2015 4:24:59 AM



This is a member to member discussion board, and ebay employees do not generally read them in an official capacity.

Even if you did reach customer service by email, you would not get anyone who knows the technical reasons for the error codes. 


I am going to guess you are trying to make a purchase using the Mobile App.  If that is the case you may be getting the codes because of how you are connected. If you connect using a public or semi public wi-fi connection, it may not have the proper security ratings paypal requires.  You may do better using a secure wi-fi connection. If you are connected using your provider's data system, that too could be the reason PayPal will not accept you trying to pay.


If you are trying to use the app, on a mobile device, and have a secure connection, then try logging on to ebay without using the app, the clasic way.  Then when you are directed to PayPal it should accept the payment.



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Re: Error Code #50301 - Unable to complete payment.

Re: Error Code #50301 - Unable to complete payment.

in reply to Sep 30, 2015 5:34:36 AM


RE: Error Code #50301 - Unable to complete payment.

Thank you for giving this little problem some thought and making a noble effort to diagnose the cause. You might be surprised to hear that I am accessing ebay from a PC at home that is cable connected to the modem.

As I had mentioned I got this error code with each attempt to complete payment. Ebay at some point after I had given up cleared my shopping cart (of 11 items, so I was not pleased.) But before resorting to making "the call", I took a look at my purchase history and found that all had gone thru, though how and when I can't say. I never got PayPal to sign me in  and I never completed the payment - all attempts ended in the error code. What happened? I just don't know.  I never got a confimation for the sale via the web page (but an email did arrive later.)



RE: ebay.

Wouldn't it have been useful to know what the error code meant?

The fact that no ebay employees peruse these sights these forums is maddening to me. The game is the same at every other tech company, as I know from bitter experience with Google and Microsoftit.  It  seems to me that a half dozen staff members from each of these mega-tech corporations could do a lot of good helping customers in these forums. Why that isn't done is something I can't figure out.

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