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New Ebay rules

New Ebay rules

Lets see some of the new rules.



A.  detail seller rating of 1 in shipping time.  


I sell antique furniture which requires a lot of time to find shippers and pack, etc.  Ebay will not allow my 30 handling time on freight shipping, and in fact will allow any dsr when a freight item is not shipped the next day.  I have a piece that was bought on a Friday, Buyer set up shipping and it was delivered Tuesday yet ebay permitted this buyer to leave a 1 dsr. Large antique furniture should be treated like automobiles.  


B:  I have a buyer that attempted to extort a not as descrfibed case with me, refused to send pictures or return item for a refund.  When I wouldn't send their money  back  without a return they informed me they were cancelling the case and would leave bad feedback.  Ebay permitted it and they did.  This buyer also has left 37 negatives according to toolhouse.  Since sellers cannot leave bad feedbacks were at the mercy of the bad buyers and don't know.


C:  Buyer opens a not as described case.  Buyers do this to cicumvent the return process.  We take returns if the buyer ships it back.  If they win a not as described case, they can get their money back without paying returns so they try it.


D:  Seller initiated cancelled transactions.  If a buyer wants to cancel a transaction they have to ask the seller to cancel it.  To let a buyer cancel a transaction the only way to get your selling fees back is to file a cancellation. SO NOW IT COUNTS AGAINST YOU WHEN A BUYER WANTS TO CANCEL A TRANSACTION and you want ebay to return the funds.  This is as good as ebay "encouraging sellers to lower shipping costs" by making them pay 9% of shipping costs as commission.  I have to add 10% on to break even.


E:  Negative feedback.  I have 3 negatives this year.  


One is buyer who cancelled 7 deliveries from her shipper and then claimed she didn't have the item. 


A second claimed shipping was not free.  It was because she picked it up. Ebay changes customer pickup to free shipping.


The 3d left feedback for 36 sellers, got money back from some, refused to send items back yet she continues and ebay does nothing about it.


F:  Neutral Feedback.  One buyer left neutral feedback because I wouldn't give him a partial refund, wanted to keep the piece and not return it.


G.  In addition to all that, my Ebay fees have increased about 50% with the last new changes.


 H:  When a buyer want to be a #$@#$% they can leave bad feedbacks that don't even apply without restriction.

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Re: New Ebay rules

Re: New Ebay rules

in reply to Mar 17, 2014 7:33:14 PM

I just read the new seller updates so I hope this helps.

B:  report this buyer.  If you have the e-mails proving that she was trying to extort you, Ebay will remove any feedback she left.

C:  Make sure you respond to any case that they need to return for refund, buyer pays return shipping.  If it is a heavy piece of furniture odds are that they won't want to return it and pay the return shipping.  As long as your policies are in place ebay won't find for the buyer without them returning it.  They will find for you and that won't count against you.

D:  If you are cancelling a transaction for a buyer make sure you click the box that says "buyer initiated cancellation" - it won't count against you.

E:   You could attempt to fight these negatives - if you have proof it is worth a shot

F:  You should report this buyer.  It they attempted to extort a refund from you there is a chance that thier feedback could be removed.

G:  I imagine your costs are so great because of the fee on shipping - tack on a handlig fee or increase your prices to cover it - luckily with the changes the rating on shipping fees will no longer count against you.

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Re: New Ebay rules

Re: New Ebay rules

in reply to Mar 17, 2014 7:59:10 PM

in regards to the buyer.  I already did all the report a buyer to no avail. Same buyer left me a 1 in shipping dsr.   She bought it on a Friday and her shipper delivered it on a  Tuesday to NYC.  She approved the piece when she looked at it.  Then she wanted her money back, refused to send pics or the piece, gave me some garbage her camera wasn't working after promising them for days.  Finally said if I wouldn't return her money she would leave bac feedback. According to tool house she left 36 negative feedbacks. many with the same senario.

The emails all came through ebay and the their system.


The person withdrew the case and left negative feedback.


As a note.  They email system doesn't forward all emails.  I continually have to look for them.  I've complained but no satisfaction.  I get offers days after an item ends.  Questions on shipping I never get, etc.


I do tack on.  You have to basically add 20% to cover ebay charges on shipping, 2 paypal fees, and comission on the comission.


Example.  I sell a piece of $250.  Old comissions were $17, new comissions are $22.5o.  If I sell a piece $350, the old system was $23 comissions, now it's $31.50.  This doesn't even count the percentage on shipping.


I know that ebay says to increase your prices to cover shipping but I can't have different pricing structures for my store, ebay, craigslist, etc.  It just can't be done.  If I did that people wouldn't buy from me off ebay.

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Re: New Ebay rules

Re: New Ebay rules

in reply to Mar 17, 2014 9:40:59 PM

I don't sell furniture so I don't know all of the ins and outs.  If you have to increase your prices you have to increase your prices.  I also sell in a couple of other places.  I have what I charge in those other places and what I charge on ebay.  I still sell more on ebay at a higher price.  Believe me I didn't want to do it at first.  If I can't sell it at the price I need to sell it at on ebay.  I discount it at my other venues.  When I decide that I just want to get rid of it because it is taking up space maybe then I discount it on ebay.    Because of the weight, I'm sure furniture has a different set of problems.  Perhaps you should try to increase the prices on a few key pieces and see if an extra $5.00 or $10.00 really affects your sales.

I have also noticed that messages don't end up in my e-mail right away.  I always check My messages on the site everyday but perhaps that is where you are having the problem.  I would keep complaining if I were you.  Sometimes all it takes is getting the right person on the other end.

So she opened a case and threatened negative feedback.  That is blatently agaist ebay policy.  It is feedback extortion.   - I would report it again if I were you.  I have reported this before they wer able to leave feedback. They must get a warning e-mail because I recieved an ooops I was confused e-mail.  No feedback was left.  If you still have the messages you should attempt to get that feedback removed.   I know you say you've already done it but perhaps you  reported something other than extortion.

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