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eBay is Lowering FVF and Offering Zero Insertion Fees in the Guitars and Basses Category

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Verified Blogger
Last Edited 04:41:33 PM



Sellers, have you heard? eBay is lowering Final Value Fees, offering zero insertion fees and guaranteeing you’ll get a trending price* on all guitars and related accessories.


We’re serious about making eBay THE place to buy and sell guitars. This is not a promotional offer; this a category pricing change designed to help you sell more in the competitive guitar category.


Here’s why you should sell your guitars, basses, effects pedals, amps and other guitar gear on eBay:


  • eBay is known as a market leader in new and used musical equipment
  • 169 million buyers are searching eBay for items like yours
  • 259,000 searches for guitars on eBay every day
  • 5 guitars or guitar accessories sell every minute on eBay


To get all the details, read more here


*Get the trending price for you qualifying guitar, or get the difference in a coupon. $350 max fee.