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eBay Stores subscribers: We’ve identified an issue with the Markdown Manager functionality, and are making things right

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Verified Blogger
On Friday, October 16, we updated the eBay Stores Markdown Manager feature. Due to an error within the update, price markdowns and free shipping offers that should have ended between 8:30 PM PT October 16 and 6:30 AM PT October 19 did not end as scheduled. Note: New offers created with Markdown Manager during this time were not affected, unless they were scheduled to end between 8:30 PM PT October 16 and 6:30 AM PT October 19.

We have identified—and corrected—the error that led to this situation. Know that no action is required by you, and we are working diligently to make things right, as follows:

  • All active promotions that should have ended during this window will be fixed by 11:45 PM PT today, Wednesday, October 21.

  • All impacted listings will be protected from receiving defects for cancelled transactions—if this error caused you to lose money on a transaction, you can cancel it, without penalty.

  • Affected sellers will receive refunds, as follows:

    • If you had an impacted listing that ended in a purchase after your intended scheduled end date, you’ll have your final value fees refunded for the transaction.

    • If you ended and relisted an item in order to solve this issue, you’ll have your insertion fees refunded, as well.

    • We will communicate with sellers receiving refunds by the end of this week.

Please know we are doing everything we can to correct this situation for everyone that was impacted. We apologize for any disruption to you and your business.

As always, thank you for being a part of the eBay community.


The eBay Team