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eBay Signs Agreement to Acquire Terapeak

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Verified Blogger

On December 13, 2017, eBay announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Terapeak, the company whose tools have helped e-commerce sellers optimize and grow their businesses since 2004. We expect the acquisition to close before the end of the year.


In our continued effort to provide sellers with the world’s most powerful selling platform, we will begin integrating functionality from Terapeak into Seller Hub once the acquisition is closed.


Terapeak’s suite of tools allow merchants on marketplaces such as eBay to evaluate pricing, sourcing opportunities, market trends, and product behavior across regions.


Seller Hub brings together the tools and resources eBay sellers need to manage and grow their businesses, offering a centralized overview of listings and orders, detailed sales information, access to marketing and promotional tools, and competitive listing guidance. Integrating Terapeak’s functionalities into Seller Hub is an investment in providing eBay sellers resources to help them thrive.  


Bob Kupbens, Vice President of B2C Selling at eBay, says, “We are committed to being the best partner to our sellers as we look to create the most powerful selling platform. The integration of Terapeak’s functionalities into Seller Hub—from sales history and performance enhancement opportunities to price guidance and comparisons—will continue to help eBay’s merchants scale their businesses on eBay.”


Terapeak will continue to operate from Toronto, Ontario, and Victoria, British Columbia.


If you have questions about the Terapeak acquisition, please visit the eBay Community Board.