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eBay Shipping Labels For Faster and Smarter Shipping

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Verified Blogger
In the next few days, you’ll be able to use eBay Shipping labels to ship faster and smarter from the order details page in My eBay. Over the next few months, starting from the end of March, we’ll gradually make eBay shipping labels the default label printing option on eBay.

For now, you’ll be able to print only USPS shipping labels from My eBay. You can continue to print UPS or Multi-Order shipping labels from PayPal.

Ship faster

  • Create and print shipping labels faster. eBay will pre-fill Checkout information, such as the buyer’s shipping address, directly into the label. You’ll be able to print labels in as few as two clicks.

  • Get instant tracking. You can conveniently track your package in My eBay and on the order details page.

  • Fill out customs forms quickly. If you’re shipping internationally, eBay will pre-fill key information directly into the customs form.

  • Auto-pay for shipping labels. You don’t have to sign in into your PayPal account every time to pay for shipping labels--a convenient pay-as-you-print option charges the cost to your PayPal account.

Ship smarter

  • View and print labels directly in My eBay. You’ll be able to manage your shipping labels directly in My eBay. You also won’t have to worry about pop-up blockers—the labels will appear within the page.

  • Include custom information on labels. You’ll be able to include information such as order numbers, SKUs, or item numbers on labels.

  • Compare shipping options easily. You’ll be easily able to compare shipping options to choose the fastest delivery method – or the cheapest. Compare shipping rates, package options, and weigh delivery time vs. costs

  • Manage shipping information better. You’ll be able to track transactions, reprint labels, or void transactions directly from the order details page in My eBay instead of having to switch back and forth between eBay and PayPal.

For more information about shipping, visit our Shipping Center.