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eBay Listing Spring Cleaning

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Verified Blogger

 As sellers, you understand the importance of regular evaluation of your inventory and changes to your listings that will improve your sales. eBay does the same thing, and periodically will evaluate site-wide listing performance to ensure the marketplace continues to be a vibrant and efficient selling environment. For sellers, that means your great listings can stand apart in search results. For buyers, it means seeing quality, relevant results delivered quickly, making it easy to find and compare products of interest.   


To that end, we have taken two specific actions:


  • We have identified a relatively small number of unproductive listings and have begun removing those with one or more years of no sales and minimal page views, and are refunding any associated listing fees. We value long-tail inventory – it is what makes eBay unique – and remain committed to helping sellers of all types be successful on our platform.


  • Removed listings in violation of eBay’s duplicate listing policy. Even when you have listings such as connector cables or auto parts that are identical except for the fact that they fit certain models, the policy specifies limitations on how many separate listings you can have. It is also important to use eBay parts compatibility format if available in the category you are listing.


We will continue to evaluate listings that do not provide value while enabling our key marketplace differentiation and are committed to providing ongoing guidance to sellers on ways to improve sales performance overall.


See our Seller Center for more information on how to create effective listings.   


As always, thank you for selling on eBay.