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eBay Guaranteed Delivery Updates

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Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger
Last Edited 09:13:03 AM

There are two eBay Guaranteed Delivery updates to share:


1. Through the end of 2018, eBay will cover any late deliveries of Guaranteed Delivery items if buyers make a claim. This means eBay will provide the buyer the choice of a shipping cost reimbursement, free return label, or voucher toward a future eBay purchase.


After the end of the year, eBay will continue to cover late deliveries for sellers in the handling time option, per the existing program terms and conditions, as long as you meet your handling time commitment.  


This late delivery coverage does not protect your late shipment rate. Sellers are still required to meet the program requirements of 97% on-time handling or delivery, and 95% on-time tracking.


2. Sellers can now use the labels platform of their choice when they offer eBay Guaranteed Delivery. This waives the previous requirement that sellers must use eBay labels with the handling time option.


While we’re lifting the requirement to use eBay labels, all performance standards still apply. For this reason, you may prefer the eBay labels platform because it automatically uploads tracking information. This can help you meet the minimum program requirements for 97% on-time handling and 95% on-time tracking.


eBay research shows that guaranteed delivery dates are second in importance to buyers behind free shipping. With Guaranteed Delivery, you can guarantee delivery dates and increase your visibility in search results. And now, we hope you get even more out of the experience with the expanded late delivery coverage and the opportunity to use the labels platform of your choice.


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