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Washington Sellers: Oppose New Tax Legislation, and Help Protect Online Business Everywhere

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Verified Blogger

This month, Washington state legislators will consider a budget proposal requiring Internet marketplaces to collect and remit sales tax for any transaction that involves a Washington buyer. This tax would include out-of-state purchases made from any seller or business, regardless of size.


We strongly oppose this sales tax proposal, and ask for your help in letting legislators in Washington and all states know it should be rejected. If allowed to pass, this tax will:

  • Require many of our sellers to increase their prices to cover the extra costs associated with Washington sales taxes.
  • Harm the competitiveness of individual sellers and small businesses who sell on marketplaces like eBay.
  • Impose an additional tax burden on used products that are being resold.


If Washington passes the proposed Internet Sales Tax, it is possible that other states will adopt similar policies. This would add significant complexity for e-commerce sellers, as they would have to calculate, collect, and submit varying state taxes.


If you live in Washington, we urge you to send a simple letter and let your state legislators know that you oppose this and any harmful tax laws that stifle business growth and harm e-commerce. Be sure to act now, as the state legislators will be considering this proposal over the next few weeks.


For years, eBay has worked with the government to eliminate unfavorable tax burdens for small businesses and consumers. Thank you for letting your state representatives know you’re against any legislation that puts the well-being of small businesses at risk. And thanks, as always, for selling on eBay.