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USPS Begins Automated Package Verification, Changing Underpaid Postage Procedure

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As of August 1, USPS has implemented their new Automated Package Verification (APV) system, which changes how they handle shipments with under- and overpaid postage. This change may impact eBay sellers, and there are steps sellers can take to ensure they are paying shipping charges accurately.


Sellers are responsible for ensuring that the postage paid for a shipment is sufficient to cover the service requested and that the dimensional information provided by sellers matches the physical shipment itself. Find complete information on how eBay sellers can ensure accurate postage and avoid extra shipping charges here.


Previously, USPS packages with underpaid postage were either rejected of help for the recipient by USPS who required the recipient to pay the difference. This caused non-delivery, late delivery, and bad customer experience. Now, APV identifies underpaid packages, notifies the sender, and automatically deducts the amount of underpaid postage to ensure prompt delivery and better customer service for all parties.


With APV, overpaid postage is automatically credited back to senders’ balance, meaning sellers will not overpay for postage.


USPS identified sellers with significant postage discrepancies, and since May, eBay has been notifying them of the issue. If you received such a notification, please review the weights, dimensions, and services used for the shipment and make sure they match the physical shipment itself. While USPS is only deducting or refunding postage adjustments for shipments beginning August 1, reviewing past discrepancies may help you ensure more accurate postage in the future.


If you have not received such a notification from eBay, your postage paid has matched the physical shipment. No immediate action is needed on your part, but all sellers should check their shipping processes and continually ensure they are paying shipping charges accurately.


USPS has established its own resolution process for customers who dispute charges billed through APV.


We encourage sellers to use the eBay Community Shipping & Returns Board as a resource in adapting to this change.


As always, thank you for selling on eBay.

by lmmariano2 · Adventurer

"APV identifies underpaid packages, notifies the sender, and automatically deducts the amount of underpaid postage"

From where will they deduct it? 

by paulanjay · Trailblazer

Yes where do they take the payment from and where do they send over paid too?

You can purchase a scale that goes upto 25 pounds at walmart along with a 10 foot tape measure in hardware. 



by Verified Blogger | Updated
Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger

Hi @automotivepartsrecyclrs@paulanjay & @lmmariano2


eBay staff are monitoring the discussion board that the article linked to. Please post your questions there. 


Thank you.