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UPDATED: Stronger Browser Security Standards Ahead

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*UPDATE* eBay will implement the changes below today, October 16, to accommodate the HTTPS upgrades mandated by Google. We originally published the article below on August 23, 2017. Google’s changes will roll out on October 17, and eBay is implementing the change one day in advance to ensure a smooth user experience. All information in the article below is still accurate, with the only new information being today’s date for eBay’s rollout.


*Original article*

Starting in October 2017, Google Chrome—the browser used by almost half of all eBay buyers—will begin displaying the message “Not Secure” in the address window when users visit standard HTTP pages, and HTTPS pages that include nonsecure HTTP content. eBay believes that the “Not Secure” message may deter shoppers from buying and impact your conversion rate. eBay is taking steps to make sure that your buyers won’t see this message and can access your listings securely.


To prevent the “Not Secure” message from deterring buyers, here's how we are changing the experience:

  • If your listings contain HTTP content and your buyer is on a desktop, buyers will see a snippet of the description and a link to click for the full description. If you want your listings to show the complete item description, you will need to remove HTTP content from your listings.
  • The experience is unchanged for mobile buyers.

How do you know if your listings contain HTTP content?

  • You can use the i-ways tool to identify listings that contain HTTP.
  • eBay will email sellers who have listings that contain HTTP, starting August 28th. If you do not get an email from eBay on this topic, no action is needed.

Sellers who have non-secure content in their listings should reference the HTTP page within Seller Celler for detailed guidance on how to update their listings.


Additionally, eBay has been working with third-party providers to ensure they’re ready for this change. Many of them will provide bulk editing options to remove HTTP from your listings; see a list of providers here.


A few reminders of some Listing Policy updates we announced in our 2017 Summer Update:

  • eBay will begin using the HTTPS communications protocol for all listings starting in October. In the future, eBay will move all eBay store pages to HTTPS.
  • Be sure to keep your listings updated so they comply with eBay listings policies:
    • Include product identifiers, especially Brand, Size, Color, Condition and UPC codes
    • Do not include contact info and links to off-eBay websites.