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Two New Initiatives to Promote Seller Diversity

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This year, we launched our second D&I report, which highlights some of the steps we’re taking to build a more diverse and inclusive workforce, workplace, and marketplace.


In 2017, we led the first Diversity Pop-Up during eBay Open, where we got to hear about your experiences on our platform. This year we launched our second Diversity & Inclusion report along with two new initiatives to better our commitment to a more diverse and inclusive marketplace.


The first initiative is a Seller Diversity Questionnaire. This questionnaire is voluntary, and your answers will be anonymized. It is intended to gather demographic information that will allow us to better understand our broad range of sellers, your inventory, and your diverse business needs. In doing so, we can better support you in 3 key ways:  

  • By measuring the diversity of our seller community and your inventory, we can better meet the diversity of our buyer needs
  • Collaborating more strategically with our community partners, e.g. chambers of commerce, universities, local municipalities or non-profits who are also working to support the growth of your businesses; and
  • Understanding when to invite you to join us for diversity initiatives and projects throughout the year

The second initiative that we will roll out is the Seller Diversity Advocate Program. This is a new opportunity for small business owners to apply to become diversity advocates in their local communities. By participating in this program, you will be able to:

  • Have more opportunities to share your story and promote your business
  • Become an advocate for your community in your local areas
  • Have access to internal and external eBay events where sellers are frequently requested to participate; and
  • Become a community thought-leader by sharing your ideas and/or programs for consideration of a larger eBay partnership

You will also receive an email for the Seller Diversity Questionnaire and the Seller Diversity Advocate Program application today. We ask that you please complete the questionnaire openly and honestly and consider applying to the Seller Diversity Advocate program if you’re interested in becoming an advocate for diversity in your hometown. The first cohort of SDAs will be announced at eBay Open 2018.


For more questions, please contact us at


Thank you, as always, for selling on eBay.