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Top-rated sellers: Time to meet tracking requirement extended by one month

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Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger
Vice President of Merchant Development, eBay
Michael Jones

Since we announced updates to the eBay Top-rated seller criteria in February, many Top-rated sellers have said they need more time to meet the new requirement to upload tracking within handling time on 90% or more of US transactions. We’ve heard your concerns and want to give sellers more time to make the needed changes.

We are extending the time for implementing the tracking upload requirement by one month. We will begin counting tracking for achieving Top-rated status as of June 1 (and not May 1 as originally announced).

This means that your June 20 seller performance evaluation will not take tracking into consideration when determining Top-rated seller status. Instead, we will use the following criteria:

-          0.5% or less low DSRs
-          0.5% or less opened eBay and PayPal Buyer Protection cases
-          0.3% or less seller unresolved eBay and PayPal Buyer Protection cases
-          98% or better Feedback score
-          $1,000 annual sales with a minimum of 100 transactions in the last 12 months

eBay remains committed to delivering buyers the best shopping experience. That experience includes confirmation their order has shipped and receiving tracking information. At the July 20 seller performance evaluation (and in each evaluation after that), to achieve Top-rated status, you will need to upload tracking within your stated handling time on 90% of US transactions.

  • The July evaluation will look at transactions from June 1 to June 30 to determine if you meet the standard.

  • The August evaluation will look at the period of June 1 to July 31.

  • The September evaluation will look at June 1 to August 31.

  • From that point onward, we will look back at the previous three calendar months of transactions to determine your tracking upload rate.

Note as of June 1, only those Top-rated seller listings with 14-day or better returns with a money-back option and 1-day handling qualify for a 20% discount on Final Value Fees and the greatest average boost  for fixed priced listings in Best Match. The timing for that requirement has not changed.

We continue to be impressed by the number of sellers who have already risen to the challenge of the new criteria and now offer the services online buyers expect—including tracking. eBay buyers clearly appreciate it too, as shown by the continued growth of sales for Top-rated sellers. Other indicators eBay uses to track buyer satisfaction are also pointing to this progress—due in large part to your quick action and dedication to great service. We thank you and look forward to more sellers achieving Top-rated status in the months ahead.

Get more information about updates to the eBay Top-rated seller requirements.


Michael Jones
Vice President,
Seller Development