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To make shopping even safer for you, eBay is restricting site access through older versions of web browsers

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Verified Blogger
We have decided to restrict the use of an outdated Internet security protocol, SSL 3.0, because we have determined it does not meet our standards. This industry-wide protocol, which is more than 18 years old, has been recently restricted by many Internet companies because it has a vulnerability.

Fortunately, the newest versions of browsers available provide higher levels of protection. The newest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari will continue to work without SSL 3.0. However, customers using older browsers (see below) without support for the newer, more secure protocol, will experience issues using eBay and need to update their browser.

Implementing this change is necessary to provide a safe, secure online shopping experience to our millions of customers, which is our top priority.

Basic Facts

What is SSLV3?
SSLV3, or SSL 3.0, is an Internet security protocol that was designed to ensure secure connections when surfing on the Internet. It is widespread, 18 years old, and has largely been replaced by modern protocols, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS).

How will eBay disabling SSLV3/SSL3.0 support impact me?
eBay is disabling support for SSL 3.0 as a precautionary measure. Most customers will not see any impact from this change when using eBay. However, a very small percentage of customers using older versions of browsers without support for the newer, more secure protocol will experience issues using eBay and will need to update their browser.

Do I need to update my browser?
If you are currently using any of the below browsers, you do not need to update your browser:

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

  • Safari

  • Internet Explorer 7 and later versions

  • Opera 5 and later versions