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Sellers: Recent and upcoming updates may affect your listings—take action now

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Verified Blogger
Updates announced in February that may impact your listings are now in effect, with more coming soon:

Now in effect:

  • Top-rated sellers: Get extra savings! From now through May 31, Top-rated sellers get a bonus 5% discount off final value fees—along with their current 20% discount—for all listings with 1-day handling and a minimum 14-day return window with a money-back refund option. Add those services to your listings now for the greatest savings, and to make sure you're ready when they are required for Top-rated seller discounts starting in June.

  • Feedback left for a transaction where the buyer had an unpaid item recorded will now be automatically removed.

  • Feedback from international buyers that only references customs issues now qualifies for Feedback removal.

  • The new Photo Center offers top tips on taking great pictures that can help you sell your item. Start now to follow the picture guidelines coming this fall, and don’t forget—all pictures will be FREE on all listings submitted starting on July 2 (excluding eBay Motors vehicles).

  • Now for identical items, Auction-style listings with the Buy It Now option will be considered duplicates to Fixed Price listings or to other Auction-style listings with the Buy It Now option. Also, sellers shouldn’t list duplicate Auction-style listings as eBay may remove, block, or reduce the visibility of duplicates that don’t sell nearly 100% of the time. If you’re unsure of how your items will sell, create one listing at a time. Learn more.

  • Category and item specific updates have been made in Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Coins, Computers & Networking, Consumer Electronics, eBay Motors, Home & Garden, Toys, and Jewelry & Watches (Category adjustments in Watches only). Item specific updates will be rolling out gradually between now and May. Category updates will occur May 1. Find out how your listings are affected.

  • Electronics sellers:

Coming this month:

  • Starting in April, you’ll get an automatic 5-star Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) for communication when you specify 1-day handling, upload tracking by the end of the next business day, and no communication was needed between you and the buyer. (Weekends and holidays do not count as business days).

  • Top-rated sellers: Starting June 1, the 20% final value fee discount and greatest average boost in exposure will be reserved for those listings from Top-rated sellers that include 1-day handling and a 14-day or longer return window with a money-back option. If you’re currently a Top-rated seller, at the end of April, you can check the new Listing Improvement section of the Selling Manager summary page to see which listings need to be updated to meet these new standards, and then easily edit those listings in bulk.  You’ll also receive emails which will link to listings that need to be edited to in order to meet these new requirements. You can also track your progress in your Seller Dashboard.

Coming in May:

  • Top-rated sellers: Tracking information needs to be uploaded to eBay within your stated handling time on 90% of transactions with US buyers to keep Top-rated status starting in June. Start uploading tracking by May 1 to make sure you qualify by June 20.

  • Starting May 1, the maximum standard final value fee for Auction-style listings will increase from $100 to $250. At 9% of the final sale price, the change will increase final value fees only on sales over $1,111 per listing. This change applies only to sellers who do not have an eBay Stores subscription.

  • As of May 2, the 3-day and 7-day and “Merchandise credit” and “Exchange” options will be retired for new listings and relistings. Learn how to create return policies that work for both you and your buyers. If you are a Top-rated seller, make sure you update any 3-day and 7-day options to a minimum 14-days to keep your final value fee discounts on those listings.

  • Opt in to a new way to create and manage custom payment, shipping, and return policies and apply them to listings quickly and easily.

  • USPS® First-Class service will be reclassified from Expedited to Standard as of the first week in May. Take advantage of FREE Delivery Confirmation™, included with USPS® First-Class Package service when purchased online, such as through eBay Labels.

  • Motors Parts & Accessories and Vehicles: As of May 2, some listing features will be retired: Border, Highlight, Featured Plus!, and Listing Icon in Parts & Accessories and Motors Home Page Featured in Motors Vehicles. On June 4, 2012, these features will no longer be visible in search results on the eBay Motors site.

  • Motors Vehicles: As of May 2, you can find your vehicle in the eBay Vehicles Catalog, simply by entering the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) when listing.

Coming in June:

  • Top-rated sellers:

    • Starting June 1, only those listings that include 1-day handling and a minimum 14-day return window with a money-back refund option will earn a 20% discount on final value fees and the greatest on average boost in Best Match.

    • On June 20, the new requirement for Top-rated sellers to have tracking information uploaded within their stated handling time on 90% or more of US transactions will take effect. For the June 20 evaluation cycle, eBay will look at transactions from May 1-31.

    • An optional new way to manage returns, available to Top-rated sellers, virtually automates the process according to the terms you specify. This will start to be available to some Top-rated sellers early in June and to all Top-rated sellers by mid-summer.

Coming later this year:

  • All pictures will be FREE on all listings submitted starting on July 2 (excluding eBay Motors vehicles).

  • New requirements for pictures are coming this fall. Start adopting the new picture quality requirements now. Your listings will benefit immediately and you’ll be all set when the new picture requirements go into effect for new, revised and relisted items. Check out the NEW eBay Photo Center for tips on how take and edit pictures.

  • Best Match, eBay’s default sort order, will begin looking at more information from your listing—including your item description—to rank search results. Item specifics, product codes like UPCs and ISBNs, brand, part numbers, and other descriptors will be increasingly important to get your listing found by more interested buyers.

Get details on the 2012 Spring Seller Update and use the Seller Checklist to stay on top of important dates. Update your listings quickly and efficiently with bulk editing tools.