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Seller merchandising on active item pages starts tomorrow

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Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger
Earlier this year, with the launch of the new item page, we announced that sellers would have the opportunity to have their listings appear on their own and other sellers' relevant item pages.

This is already happening on item pages when the listing is ended (closed item pages). Starting tomorrow, November 17, you may begin to see merchandise on the bottom of item pages for active listings as well. While we usually refrain from making changes close to the holiday season, the test results showed a considerable increase in sold items, and  we wanted to offer this functionality to our selling community ASAP. This is a great opportunity to boost exposure for your listings to the most interested buyers during the busy holiday season. Items are chosen based on popularity--the items in the same category most watched by buyers.

Cross-merchandising on other sellers' item pages is optional--you can opt out at any time by changing your settings in My eBay. To opt out, go to My eBay > Account > Marketing Tools > Item Promotion > Promote Similar Items.

Remember, if you do opt out, your relevant items will not appear on other sellers' item pages, so consider the trade-offs carefully. This is a great way to get your items in front of more eager holiday shoppers.