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Reduced Search Visibility for Sellers Who Violate the Duplicate Listings Policy

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eBay strives to provide a world-class buying and selling experience for all our users—and the vast majority of our members adhere to the guidelines and policies intended to maintain a fair and fun marketplace. However, when listings have misleading information or give some sellers an unfair advantage over other sellers, we take action. That’s why we will reduce listing visibility in Best Match for the small number of sellers who violate the duplicate listings policy.  This reduced visibility would be in addition to our current responses for policy violations.

Starting in June, listing visibility in Best Match will be reduced for sellers who pollute the eBay marketplace with duplicate listings. If a seller violates the duplicate listings policy, then all the listings from that seller—including those across linked accounts—will have reduced visibility. This visibility reduction will last until the duplicate listings are removed.

Remember, each listing should provide distinct and unique value to buyers. Listings are considered duplicates if they’re for items that have no significant difference between them, or if they appear to be for the same item in search results, as shown in this example:







Sellers: review your listing practices to make sure they comply with the duplicate listings policy and how it applies to:

  • Fixed price listings: You can’t have more than one fixed price listing of an identical item at the same time. Additionally, you can’t have a fixed price listing and an auction-style listing with the Buy It Now option for an identical item.

  • Auction-style listings: While you can have more than one auction-style listing for identical items within the same account, only one listing without bids will appear on eBay at a time. However, you are not permitted to have an auction-style listing with the Buy It Now option and an auction-style listing without the Buy It Now option for an identical item.

  • Multi-variation listings: You can’t have an identical variation in two different multi-variation listings.

  • Other eBay sites: Separate listings may be created for the same item on different eBay sites, as long as the international shipping options don't result in the listings cluttering the search results of any individual site.

Check our duplicate listings policy for examples of how these rules apply to various listing situations, especially the application of the policy across accounts. It’s also important to note that there are some exceptions for compatibility in Consumer Electronics and Motors Vehicles Parts and Accessories. Please see the duplicate listings policy for specific details.

For more information, be sure to review eBay’s duplicate listings policy, site interference policy, and search manipulation policy.