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Recent site difficulties have been resolved. Your seller status won’t be affected, and fees will be credited.

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Verified Blogger
From 10:25 PM PT on Friday, November 13, to 6:49 AM PT on Saturday morning, November 14, eBay experienced a network connectivity issue in one of our data centers. Due to this issue, a number of eBay users experienced intermittent difficulties when trying to take advantage of certain functionality on eBay.

Know that this situation has been resolved, and that no action is required by you. We are working diligently to make things right for sellers impacted by this issue, as follows:

  • We will automatically credit all associated fees for listings that were scheduled to end between 10:25 PM PT on Friday, November 13, and 6:49 AM PT on Saturday morning, November 14. These fee credits will apply to:

    • Auction-style listings that ended within this window of time (except those that sold for a Buy It Now price).

    • Fixed price listings that ended within this window of time without a sale (with the exception of 30-day and Good 'Til Cancelled listings).

Credits will be applied to your account and reflected on your next invoice.

  • Any transaction defects we can identify as resulting from this event will be removed and not impact your performance record, as follows:

    • ‘Item Not Received’ Money Back Guarantee cases that we determine are the result of this situation will not count towards your seller performance rating.

    • Any transaction you cancel because of this event will not impact your seller performance rating.

    • Top Rated Sellers: If—due to this issue—you were unable to upload tracking information to eBay within your stated handling time, your Top Rated status and Top Rated Plus discounts will be protected.

We understand the impact that situations like this can have on your business, and we sincerely apologize for this disruption.

As always, thank you for being a part of the eBay community.


Steve Boehm
Senior Vice President
Global Customer Experience