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PayPal Payments Issue Resolved, Affected Sellers Will Be Protected

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Verified Blogger
On September 7, 2016, PayPal experienced an issue which made it appear that some buyers who paid for an item hadn’t paid. The issue has been identified and addressed by PayPal, however it may take up to 48 hours for previous payments to be processed. For more information, please contact PayPal at 1-888-221-1161.

Sellers: If any of your eBay transactions were affected by this issue and you delayed shipment until payment was verified via PayPal, rest assured that you will be protected. Your transactions will not be counted as shipped late, and your eBay seller performance will not be impacted by a late shipment related to one of these transactions.

Buyers: Some items you purchased on September 7 may have been delayed as a result of this PayPal issue. If so, we ask for your patience and understanding, both in the transaction and when providing feedback after your item arrives.

NOTE: This post was originally published on September 8, 2016, and has been updated with details regarding PayPal’s processing time for affected payments.

This problem is still not solved!


Not only is this issue unresolved, I was RESTRICTED FROM SELLING over this and when I tried to get the restriction lifted I was kicked off of eBay and prohibited from selling FOR GOOD.  As in, permanently.  I have appealed and been denied based on my Seller Performance Standards, despite my overwhelmingly positive feedback, and all because several of my transactions were showing up as "Unpaid" therefore were not shipped until I received payment confirmation (in most cases this was via communication with the buyers.)  Most of the affected items are STILL showing as "UNPAID" in my "SOLD ITEMS" despite them being paid, shipped, delivered, & received.  This is such a disappointment and a shock to me.  So disgusting.


The same thing is happening to my account.  I am not even able to locate the unclaimed payments in PayPal.


I talked to both PayPal and ebay at leangth.
 the problem was that eBay info was not reaching PayPalk.
 when it reached paypal (finaly was sent to paypal) then the payments registered on PayPal.
 PayPal ways the catcher>
ebauy was the pitcher.
 Catcher can't catch what's not thrown.
I was in telephone contact with a buyer when this was happening.
 we called paypal and ebay.


My order list is missing.


11.02 PM

$ 147.96   paid

on ebay

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