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New My eBay Features Make Shopping and Selling on eBay Even Easier!

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Verified Blogger
New features now available in My eBay help you manage your purchase history, payment and shipping activity, and watched items more easily. Now you can:

  • See up to 3 years worth of purchases. Whether you need to keep an eye on domestic and international purchases (which can take time to arrive), identify sellers you want to buy from again, or retrieve information for tax purposes, you can now see ALL your purchases on going back three years. To view, click “Purchase History” on the left in My eBay and select the purchase history period.

  • Get improved payment and shipping reminders. If you’ve yet to pay for an item you’ve won, you’ll see a reminder that identifies purchases not yet paid for. If you’re selling an item, you’ll be alerted when your buyer’s payment has cleared, so you can go ahead and ship their purchase. Both types of reminders show a picture of the item in My eBay.

  • Sort lists by most-recently added. If you like creating lists in My eBay (such as a “Watched Items” list or a “Shoes” list), you now can sort them by most-recently added within “Watch List & Other Lists” in My eBay. It’s the easy way to view and compare your latest finds!

Note: The modules for Unsold, Sold, and Active selling items have been removed from the Summary page. This information is still available under the Selling menu or in Selling Manager.