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New Community and Seller Center Sites Launch Today

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Last Edited 11:01:27 AM

It’s been a busy Fall. I’m officially three months in at eBay, and I can say with confidence that the team here has been working on overdrive to deliver on our promises to our sellers this year – to make eBay the best and most profitable selling platform with the simplest and most intuitive tools available.


And the momentum is only picking up.


Today, we are excited to announce our most recent milestone: a major change in the way we communicate with you and enable you to communicate with one another.


Our sellers have always been the heart and soul of eBay and part of what sets us apart from other marketplaces. But the places where you’ve gone to connect, engage, and share information online have lacked the features and functionality you need to be most successful. And you’ve asked for a centralized, easy to find place to get important updates and information about product updates and policy changes.


We’ve heard you, and we’ve spent the past year building your ideas into a new suite of tools that reflect your needs…and we’re just getting started.


First, a new Community experience.


WelcomeC_InDesign (2).png



The Community discussion boards have been a staple of the eBay marketplace since the beginning. The boards have evolved with us, but in recent years, they’ve lacked important features that you’ve told us you want. Today, we deliver those new features:


  • A more personalized experience that serves up the content and conversations that are most relevant to you.
  • A recognition program that rewards your valuable contributions via ranks and badges
  • Enhanced user profiles that allow community members to quickly see the person behind the post, enabling more transparent interactions and meaningful connections.
  • A knowledge base built by you – our community members – featuring user-generated content curated by the Community team.
  • More engagement from eBay employees across the company - weighing in on relevant conversations.


Second, within the Community, a unified seller news portal.

You’ve told us that you don’t know where to go to get news and updates from eBay. Today, we solve that problem for you. We are bringing the legacy Announcement Board and the newer eBay for Business blog into the Community experience to provide dynamic, timely updates on the issues you need to know about to run your business, as well as more feature-oriented content to help you grow over time.


Embedding this portal in the Community was an important decision for us. It gives you the opportunity to read and engage with news and information all in one place.


Third, an always-on system status board to diagnose tech issues.

SAB screenshot.JPG

The news portal will also include a link to a redesigned system status board that provides real-time, automated updates on issues related to eBay services. This new dashboard is your source of truth for technical issues related to the eBay platform.



And lastly, a redesign and streamlining of the Seller Center.

Think of this as your eBay Selling 101 playbook. The reimagined Seller Center provides a new educational portal to help you start, grow, and optimize your business. Whether you are brand new to eBay or looking for tips to grow and expand, the Seller Center will give you:


  • A simplified and easy to navigate site that provides new and professional sellers information throughout their Seller journey when and where they need it
  • Quick access to the best of eBay selling tools and most important topics you need to know without overwhelming you
  • A destination that you’ll want to come back to often to get more tips, increase the likelihood of a sale, and grow as an eBay seller


I started off by saying that our community is what makes eBay special and unique, and I meant it. A critical part of eBay’s growth is the health and vibrancy of our community. We know this can only be accomplished with relevant, honest, and clear communication tools and we hope these new tools make you better sellers, and make us all more connected to one another’s success. 


We hope you take a few minutes to explore these new resources and let us know what you think. I’ll be checking back here for comments in the coming days. Thank you, as always, for selling on eBay.



by dhbookds · Rockstar

errrrr..............the is Commumity

just ONCE i would like to see something rolled out 12 yrs it hasn't happened, cant you guys run spell check..


And it really would have been thoughful.........if you just announced the durn thing would rollout this morning we didn't sit here wondering what the heck is going on and your reps didn't have to flood the boards with apologies.......NOT a good way to start a new endeavor............


........these badges, titles, whatever they are is just there another site on the net that has ANYTHING like this???????


What was wrong with the Community that these changes needed to be made?? ..and no announcement until after the fact? I thought I had picked up a virus on my computer!


I, for one, do not find the new community pages helpful one bit. It it more difficult to find anything.


How about fixing your search engine Ebay so customers can find our items, instead of messing with something that is not broken!!!


I think the eBay Community is just a hot mess right now. I can't even navigate the boards because it's so screwed up. I'm a Community Expert and can't even find the Expert's Chat Board. It took me hours to find the M2M Support Board.

As for these ranks, they are ridiculous to say the least. I have asked to be removed as a Community Expert. I will not volunteer my time to a forum that is this hard to navigate, and have some silly rank next to my member ID to boot.


by vivabe · Thrill-Seeker

I also thought there was something wrong with my computer when I spent so much time trying to log in this morning. And now... this new messy format. The community forum was just fine. It now looks like it was designed by a child. Why, why, oh why?


AND,  I AM SERIOUSLY OFFENDED BY THIS ALSO CHILDISH TITLE/BADGE what ever it is. Who in the world gave eBay the right to LABEL ME like that.

I am a seller. I am on eBay for business. I come to the board to follow-up on business related topics. I wont this "title/badge" removed.

Community Team
Community Team

@minniestuff  I know this is Bob's blog post...but we're all hands on deck as we roll out the new design today. So, hope you don't mind that I'm jumping in. In regards to your question about how the new design came to be, we heard from a number of Community members that they wanted a better experience on the discussion boards as well as a single source where they could find the news and information that's most important to run their business. As for where you can find more information about the changes, we started a dedicated board to update members about the upcoming changes this summer. You can find that board here. Thank you for your patience.



by gardenweasel37 · Guide

I'm sorry, but this is just miserable.

You may have gotten input from Board members on what they would like to see but did they have any conceivable idea how this would actually look and perform?

I don't even know where to begin. I never, ever complain. I try to be supportive. However this just makes me just want to avoid the Boards entirely. I'm not even going to check off "Email me when someone replies" because it is too exhausting to navigate this format to engage with others who may respond.

Please listen to the feedback you are getting and do something about it.

And "Trailblazer"? Really? How do these tags and badges enhance the sellers' experience? It is very juvenile, honestly.

I think the minds at eBay could have done much much better than this. It's almost like a roll out just to "say we did".

I am very very disappointed. 



I was surprised today by the new format. I like ithe look and feel of it. Using it is kind of intutive. It should not take ma a long time to be confortable with it.  Even with out the buttons I found my way here without a getting lost. I's say the team deserves a "Job well done."

See ya


by johnrj1226 · Rockstar

It wasn't taht long ago the Community Boards were  updated  to  "what members  wanted" then.  What  has  changed in the last 3 or 4 years other than  a real slow own in  sales?


No pre announcement that things might be screwed up this morning with the roll out not  good.  Called CS and they  couldn't  say what was going on  but  could see  the same "Error message".  A definite Cool Hand Luke moment in my  book aka "What we've got here is failure to communicate" is a quotation from the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke.


Treat  our  customers (aka eBay buyers) that way = a  defect  & a neg.

by usmc*usnmom · Rockstar

HOW is this a better experience??  WE (the sellers and board regulars) didn't want this mess. That was made abundantly clear here:

Did y'all listen? Nope. Not one bit.

by reallynicestamps · Rockstar | Updated by dm_karen

Where did the Community Boards that were useable go?

How do we upload a new question?

Why play with Boards that have been working just fine for over 20 years?


Dear Bob, 


I read you message and loved to sell on ebay as a few years, as a professor, and I was so happy to use ebay to build a studnet's fund for charity. During the se years, I found your ebay acocunt department made a lot mistake by only listen one or two buyer called then closed seller's account. The same issues, and your seller protect department did and different ways, we listened to seller protect department ( we think he was ringt then after a few days later account department base the same issues gave a diffent conclusion and closed our selling account. I read a lot doc. here, so many seller felt the same way.

I wish you as an Executive of ebay should take care these kinds issues. If you do not have sellers you will have no buyer. You always need to keep good sellers who put heart on there.



by *too*cheap* · Guide

If eBay did in fact Update, why can't I find the Answer Center? I click on the Site Map, scroll down the seemingly never ending page to finally find the "Answer Center" and I get that I'm Denied.


To even find this post was even made a chore and yet it's called an update. Access Denied is called an Update? WOW!


The real thing eBay needed to update is to put knowledgeable personnel on the other end of a telephone with English as their First Language and a Live Chat for those that can't hear (Deaf).


by acrc3113 · Guide

Take a system, product, or service that is working perfectly well and trash it until it no longer works. That only used to be a government function.

by vivabe · Thrill-Seeker

Unbelievable!!!!!!!!! I received 6 emails from eBay within a 9-minute period congratulating me about earning new badges - First Helpful Given - 5th Anniversary - First Reply - First Helpful Received - 1st Anniversary - Whiz
What is happening? This has to stop.

News Team
News Team

Hi vivabe - Thanks for your feedback on the email issue. We're taking steps to fix that so you're not overwhelmed with notifications. ~Audrey


Whoever designed the new Community Boards should be fired.  Those blue tags are just plain annoying, and it is impossible to find anything.   Your last "improvement" was bad enough - this one is a thousand times worse.  


Why don't your IT people concentrate on all the search and transaction glitches on the site instead of messing with something that actually worked, 


and we’re just getting started.


Heaven help us all that actually use the site.

by studiogem · Adventurer

It seems that along with these changes, the page view counter no longer functions correctly. When is that going to be repaired? All the numbers for page views on my active selling page, disappeared and now show just "--" and the graphic counter on each listing page shows all zeros.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @*too*cheap* - appreciate you letting us know about the Site Map. We'll get that resolved. Thank you. 


This new message board is the worst mess i have seen in a long time. Who did this? This is like somthing out of a three stooges episode. 

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

I am surprised that so many here are so displeased with this new way to communicate. I am thrilled to be a part of this and I bravely and proudly take my trailblazer badge  and continue to blaze my way through finding solutions, helping others and having some fun to boot. As with anything new it's going to take some time to learn how to navigate. The times are always a changin and Ebay will forever be a changin based on a lot of issues. This is a wonderful effort that took a lot of planning and work. Good Job!!!

The new boards suck!  They are too large.  The posts run into each other.  I'm suppose to be able to moderate this group and float and unflot topics, there is no place to do that now.  I don't know who feed the Grem;ins after mid-night, but they should be shot.  This is going to ruin the boards for us old timers.


by acrc3113 · Guide

vintagecraze50 : I assume you were being funny. Another solution in search of a nonexistent problem.

by | Updated

eBay, you are way out of line here and have overstepped any resemblance of being useful. As an appointed Community Expert, I expected better than this mess. The least you could have done was provided a warning and maybe even a tutorial on how to use this now useless forum. There is not even a ledgend to explain what these so callede titles mean. I want my feedback numbers back.  I am disappointed in you.


How can we help someone else if you make it difficult to help ourselves? You tell we who volunteer how valuable we are, yet no one bothered to hold a pow-wow with us about yet more unecessary changes. It was bad enough when we went from Live-World to Lithium... now this?


We save eBay at least a million dollars annually by working for free - and this is the respect, the thanks, we get in return? We only want/need you folks to fix what is broken - and provide someone responsible to give us guidance to get new members through their crisis's; not an all powerful, 'you do as I say you do because I know what's best for you'  head honcho to play kindergarten games with us. This not getting listened to and ignored is getting old.  


Sigh... I guess you don't want us around anymore?  You've already driven way too many of the best responders away - and now you seem he** bent on making those of us who toughed it out leave too? Senseless.


By the way - where is our personal detail now? Can't find the answers I made to yesterday's questions - let alone the ones before that?


And this "email me" check box below this window - is that to notify us as it was yesterday - or is it sending a note to clutter our eBay inbox - or worse yet, to spam our personal mail inboxes?


This whole fiaso is just not cool.

by aramintaca · Guide

I see the boards are still messed up. When I wake up tomorrow morning, this nightmare will continue won't it? Why are bad ideas so hard to roll back? 


 Death to the Forums!!  Death to eBay Groups!  


Your last 'update' from 2 or 3 October's ago was a fiasco and basically killed off the group discussion boards.  Add the overly heavy handed moderation of the topics and use of the forums plummeted.  Now, this new mess is being foisted upon unsuspecting eBay users is supposed to be an improvement?


Good Luck with that.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @studiogem - the view count  will be coming back. 

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

To all who think the badges and recognitions are childish. How many of you play games on facebook or other websites and get these great  little rewards when you play the game. It's a motivation to keep going. Its a POSITIVE GESTURE, on Ebay's part. Would sure like to see more positve gestures and positive responses to what appears to be a great community effort that is going to take some time to navigate and learn. And no, certainly was not joking with my last response AT ALL.




by acrc3113 · Guide

There are those of us who do not hang out on facebook, etc and who no not play video games. Some of us still use flip phones only for the reason that there are no more pay phones. Heck, some of even use paper maps to navigate when we are going someplace new. Life is complicated enough without folks reengineering things that already work. Once again, this change is a solution in search of a problem. If only the folks here had spent half as much energy fixing the real problems like the nonsensical returns process, weeding out buyers who have no intention to pay, and sellers of broken phones.  How about bringing back the seller's feedback for buyers? That made sense.


Where is the Powersellers Board?????

by erotique6 · Scout

So this is what ebay is coming to?  There is so much that is broken already and this does nothing at all to promote good faith in Sellers that are wondering when the pics will be fixed, or the incorrect amounts on shipping just to name a few.  I will not even start on ebays shipping time frames that desperately need to be corrected.


A recognition program that rewards your valuable contributions via ranks and badges. 
Yes it is rank but not in the right way. Child's play is all it is, not many adults would vote for this type of thing to be implemented. 


Only on ebay will you find the JC Penny $29.95 suits finding something new to do to earn their pay instead of fixing something that is broken instead of something that was NOT broken or the higher ups finding something so amusing.  As a female over 50 (and then some) I do not care for it at all nor all the emails that hit my inbox regarding this mess, pure spam to me.  I was not amused at all.


This is absolutely ridiculous....all that sell are supposed to be over 18 not in pre school and or kindergarten.  It should be about business and helping others in need. 


No more PS Board, so I am leaving the boards for good as I don't have the time to dredge through a bunch of garbage.  Some one from ebay posted that PS discussions should be in the open as anyone can be a PS.....then let them earn it if they so choose to.  I would hope the next set of changes will not disrupt Holiday sales.  Just my 2 cents worth. 

by lindyslucky · Guide

if I never hear the word experience again I will be happy. We want to sell things to make money. An Experience is not our goal.

We also don't want, a label, sticker or reward. Our reward is in the sales that provide money we need to live. We absolutely hate the labels.

We don't want more transparency. We especially do not need any meaningful connections. Not gonna happen with purchaser one never sees. It's the nature of online sales.

 We don't want to engage.

we are beginning to gag. Source for truth?? 

There is so much word garbage blah blah blah. Seems there is an employee who was an English lit major. Wrong platform.

actually is a book called blah, blah blah. Someone needs to read it.

we can volunteer to edit this whole mess.

but not fix it, have spend way too much time figuring this new thing out. Can we please hold off on new stuff that is supposed to "help"? we still haven't figured out what/how to do codes we are to apply to vintage goods or new/old stock goods.

How can selling things be made so incredibly difficult??

Time really is money. We are spending way too much time trying to keep up with changes, not selling. Just reading this mess and translating it into human speak is almost too much.

Sorry for total lack of enthusiasm.

Really had us at "trailblazer". Please take it off our name.

by lindyslucky · Guide

intuitive tools? Dynamic updates? Legacy Announcements? Grow over time? 

Milestone? Source of Truth? Wait?? Source of truth?? Had to read that a few times!

Oh good, a high school literary magazine, already.

Can't wait for more. 

(Actually already Waaay more than enough!)

by stevescho · Trailblazer

In one fell swoop the utility of the boards is destroyed. Expect a 10% drop in sales...sweet!

I am a moderator on a group.  This group has a monthly chat.  Each month someone in the group starts a new chat.  As moderator I go in and unfloat the old chat so it just goes on down the page and float for all the new month chat to tthe top of the page.  So tell me eBay, since the month of October will be over soon, how do I do that now or is someone else going to keep up with it for our group?

by johnrj1226 · Rockstar

A  picture  is worth a thousand words - here is 2000 words worth of what might have happened Smiley Surprised










by honeville1 · Guide

Why I left:


In order to begin to understand why I left the eBay community you'd have to understand why I participated in the first place.    I really had 2 motivations. 

1.  Me, Myself and I can only get me so far.  I need others.  My opinions, my thoughts, my perspectives... my 4 walls... they limit me.  So by surrounding myself with other people, many of which had different understandings, perspectives, ideas, inspiriations, thoughts, practices... all of which different and some better than mine, I could grow beyond what I was able to grow by myself.  I NEEDED OTHERS.  I could only take myself so far.   So I came here and built friendships and socialized with folks and picked up several things along that journey that made me a much better businessman and took me places I couldn't have taken myself.   I came here to get beyond my 4 little walls and expand my horizan. 

2.  I came here to help others do the same thing, and for the most part, eBay.  I came here to passionately advocate for changes that I felt were vital to the lifeblood of ebay that would propel it to the highest levels of success.  Because eBay had the same problem I had... they lived in their own little world surrounded by their own four walls and struggled to see the realities of others and to establish a bigger and better understanding of reality in the real eBay world. 


Now I'd explain why I migrated to ebay but I'd rather just show you... can I sneak into your office 5-6 times a year and move everything around on you so that when you come in you can't figure out where anything is and can't find NOTHING?  Cause by about the 5th time I think you'd get it.  Finding your stapler or your calculator or those notes you wrote yesterday shouldn't be a day long event.  They should be right where you left them.  Next...  Can I follow you around all day as you interact with your co-workers and beat you over the head from time to time while you're trying to carry on a conversation.. You know... treat you like your in 1st grade and correct you in your conversations?  Also, if you're in the lunch room eating with your co-workers and a business disccusion comes up, can I grab you by the ears and physically drag your butt over to the conference room to talk?  And likewise... if you're in the hall way, or in an office with some of your co-workers and a personal topic comes up, like the movie you saw last night, their kid's ballgame, or some event in their lives, can I jump in grab you all by the arms and drag your butts out of the office and down to the lunchroom for that conversation.... Cause If i could do that a few times I think you'd understand why I'm no longer around.... and neither is plum near anyone I know. 


by | Updated

Ok, I slept well, thinking this discombobulation would all be better today. I was apparently dreaming.


I vote that who ever had and/or approved this idea should have their light-bulb broken, their "I'm better than you" attitude checked along with having their clipboard snatched from their "I'm so proud I've accomplished all this chaos" hands. Plus their paycheck cut to match that of the rest of us.  


I reckon that most of us will eventually adjust, since there is nothing that can be done about it apparently - as eBay never apologizes or admits when they are wrong, let alone goes back to fix the damage done. But we don't have to like it - which will mean a lot less comradeship on the boards, as many will just quit trying.


After thinking about it overnight, I recall a thread posted on the experts board where we were asked for input - we told you our thoughts, reasons, needs, suggestions and goals. But we were once again, not heard. Why? There is a long list of things which need fixing that is far more pressing than biting the hands that feed you.  I'll even draw a truce here - I'd be ok with leaving this mess the way it is IF we can get the repairs needed done.  Not having the things fixed that are needed is like a company who tells employees there is no money for rasies, when the company is sponsoring football teams and racecars... it's just insulting.


Why is this font so light? it's hard to see! Ok, I just figured that if I bold everything, I can see it.... that's better.


At least remove the auto check box for the mail - most of us are capable of making that decision for ourselves. However, it would be nice to have it clarified exactly what that box means - is it a notification, an eBay email or a personal email?


Just like these ranks and badges - what do they mean and at what level do they change, how are they obtained - and what is the prize in the Cracker Jack box? If we are going to be stuck with this nonsense, at least explain it to us. Please?

by flp · Thrill-Seeker

I really dislike, even hate, the new format.  The font is too large when before, it was so easy to look for a thread I was interested in.  You folks really seem to know how to mess things up.  Sad.

by melmatt77 · Enthusiast

Re: Visitor Counter, Studio Gem had asked where it went. Response from EBAY was "it is coming back."  *But When??** This is a vital tool!

I just spent a 1/2 hour on the phone with EBAY Customer Service.

"Lucky" put me on hold to check to se if there was a system problem. Came back & told me there was not. Then told me I must be doing something different when posting listng and that I should just end listings and relist them to fix the problem. I told him the listngs were all done at different times, under different formats, so that was not the problem.

And why should I use up my limited listings because of an EBAY glitch. I asked to talk to someone else, and was told I needed to hang up & call back to get a diferent person.

Called back, talked to "Redge", she said EBAY has changed their format and thie visitor counter tool was removed and will not be part of seller listngs any longer. I expressed my disapproval for this as this is a VERY useful tool for sellers. She said she made notes and would bring it up atthe next meeting.    

Why do the customer service people just make up responses to questions??

2 people, 2 different answers...........................................

This is even more frustrating than having the visitor counter disappear.

******So, When is the Visitor Counter Coming Back????********PLEASE ADVISE*** 

This is a real huge inconvenience.


Sorry but this is not an improvement!  The changes made in the discussion group format a few years ago effectively ended meaningful seller to seller discussion, and this is even worse. I utilize the seller boards only to get specific information and/or advice as quickly as possible, not as a social outlet. I certainly do not want childish "badges" and the like either. Please use IT to address issues of real concern to sellers such as lack of visibility and/or glitches. PS Launching this without a "heads up" or instructions was a significant oversight.   

Community Team
Community Team
by melmatt77 · Enthusiast

Trinton, can you please advise when the visitor counter will re-appear??????

No one seems to be able to answer this




HIi.  I've been selling on ebay since 1998 and am ready to quit.  Why?  Endless pandering to lying buyers!  I just got back an EMPTY box on a return...the buyer claimed the outer box was damaged, which is no good reason according to my return policy, but I let her send the item back anyway as she was nasty and belligerent and I didn't want to get bad feedback.  So she sends me this empty box at my cost AND NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, and ebay won't take the feedback away!  I did nothing wrong and am stuck with negative feedback for something that never happened.  She did return the 200 lb. test box I mailed it in, and that shows there was NO damage to the internal box of the amount reported.  PLEASE let me know if you go to another site to sell, as I've had it with the theiving buyers and ebay's refusal to stand up for us sellers!

by johnsattic · Rockstar

Such a screwed up mess.


Tells me I'm a "Rockstar" assistant in the apparently now defunct Answer Center, but won't allow me in there.


Hopefully in a few days you will have tossed this in the trash can until you figure out how to do it right.

Community Team
Community Team

@melmatt77 I apologize I don't have a timeframe for you on this on. We'll definitely keep you posted as soon as we have more information!

Community Team
Community Team

@mouseoholic Email me the details of your case and I can ensure it is reviewed. Reach out from the address on file to and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Community Team
Community Team

@silverngold We didn't want these changes to be a surprise to anyone so began gathering feedback from the community this past summer (you can check out this board here). As you'v been with us through other changes in the past, I'd love to get your feedback or suggestions on improvements you would like to see. While I understand your primary use of the discussion boards is solely for answers, there is a large portion of the community that does use this is a social outlet and a way of networking with others that they share common interests and passions with. I also wanted to clarify that we contract a third party (Lithium) to create and manage our community boards, so our dedicated IT teams would not be involved in the development or enhancement of these pages. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts about how we can improve!

by stevescho · Trailblazer

I have a smartphone.  It took 2 hrs to get to the point of being able to comment at all so let me be brief:

1. This is the worst single action I have ever seen in electronic communication. It is completely unusable on a smartfone. 


2. The discussion boards need to be rolled back to what they were 2 days ago, by close of business today.


3.  Bob needs to quit, or otherwise, be removed in entirety, from ebay. This board snafu is a major setback to the company, and the lack of prompt corrective action raises serious questions about the leadership and hence survival of ebay. The smooth functionality of the discussion boards is that important. 


4. In the case that this board is still nonfunctional by the 10/31/16; 6:30am, I will buy a large short position on your stock, and profit from your demise. The purchases I make on EBAY were done in part for entertainment, which has been replaced by agonizing frustration. That'll drive away customers and sellers like nothing else.


Bob, your failure to properly test in full the function of the revised boards is inexcusable, particularly use on mobile devices. People make mistakes, but they are accountable for them and not all are excused. Especially for large ones.  Please acknowledge the gravity of your actions, and resign.


I wish you well in the future in another endeavor,  but it cannot be ebay.

by stevescho · Trailblazer

PS.. I've never used facebook, twitter, linked in or any other broad social network of this type, and have zero interest in that type of communication, especially on ebay. I do use the boards for the original intent, namely, to obtain and provide, guidance on transactions, sometimes discussing augments or changes. But that's it. I'm not here to socialize.