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Mardi Gras Activities in the South this Weekend—Shipments Potentially Delayed

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Last Edited 10:55:02 AM

Due to Mardi Gras festivities in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi, packages may be delayed between February 24 and February 28.


If you are involved in an eBay transaction with a buyer or seller in this region, we encourage you to be patient in this matter, both throughout the transaction and when providing feedback after your item arrives.


Rest assured that sellers need not worry about their eBay seller performance due to shipping delays caused by Mardi Gras events. We will continue to monitor the situation and include any sellers who may be affected.

by jimkyle · Adventurer

lol, very funny, pretected for mardi gras, but here where i live the roads were shut down for days because of ice and snow and we had no protection, find it funny they protect you for that but not for ice and snow shutting the whole state down here.

Thank you for useful information, I will inform my Customer who impacted by this Activities.

by charise2 · Adventurer

Why may there be delays because of Mardi Gras?  Thank you.

by acquisator · Adventurer

"...shipping delays caused by Mardi Gras events" -- what, like being too hung over to ship? Or still drunk at carrier pickup time? ROTFL! Are we going to get a similar dispensation for St. Patrick's Day?


 I can understand weather related (which are often Not mentioned here) but Mardi Gras???  That does Not seem like it should be a problem for the USPS delays.  But then again, I mailed a package on 2/16 to KY and tracking shows it went to NJ, then Atlanta, GA and as of 2/26 still hasn't made it to KY.  I guess Mardi Gras started early and is affecting the entire eastern half of the U.S.


This is **bleep**. eBay shouldn't make allowances because people are partying. 


Mardi Gras)   I live in downtown Biloxi and call customer service as I can not ship on Mardi gras do to 50,000 People cramming my Niehboorhood + My Post office is closed as it is in the Parade route. They new nothhing about it and tokd me to close my store"On vacation for the 10 hours" wish they where more informed


By the way I am not going to the "Mardi Gras" Parade as other said why should they get special treament because "They are Partying" Quite Obvious you never been to "Mardi Gras" nor "Carnival" in Rio. Be Paitient as it is just one day her in New Orleans it'an utter mess in many spaots over 2 weeks. I livr here it does not mean I am "Partying" My post office is closed on Tuesday. I have not gone to the Mardi Gras Parade in 10 Years


Our company is based in Mobile, AL (Home of Mardi Gras)

We get a paid holiday!

I'm still coming it to ship though. Got to keep customers happy!


Please don't knock it until you try it. LOL


They forgot to include Northwest Florida in the Mardi Gras delay. My post office will be open but not sure of Downtown office here in Pensacola.


I can only assume like we were in Oregon.  I was told I did not live in the correct zip code, even though, the city declared an emergency.  Lost my TRS.  Good luck all!


Big deal,ebay will tell you this information but if your shipment is delayed you will still get a ding