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Listing Policy Clarification: Apple iPad 2

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Verified Blogger
Verified Blogger
With the announced release of the Apple iPad 2, guidelines are now in place to help meet buyer demand for this highly-anticipated device, while also promoting eBay sellers who deliver excellent customer service.

Apple iPad 2 sales
Most sellers will be allowed to list an Apple iPad 2; however, sellers will be limited on the number of items they can list per week.

  • Apple authorized resellers will be allowed to list up to 50 items per week.

  • eBay Top-rated sellers will be allowed to list up to 4 items per week.

  • All sellers meeting minimum performance standards will be allowed to list 1 item per week.

Note: Sellers not meeting minimum performance standards will not be allowed to list the Apple iPad 2 during this release period

As always, any selling activity that appears to mislead buyers regarding the authenticity of the item may result in limitations to selling activity, including account suspension.