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Join eBay in Supporting Ongoing Relief Efforts for Hurricane Harvey.

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Last Edited 08:22:22 PM

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Earlier this week, in response to the devastation suffered by communities in Texas and Louisiana, we provided an opportunity for eBay sellers, in partnership with eBay, to contribute to the needs of those affected by the Hurricane. We’re pleased to announce that together we raised more than the $250,000 goal--in less a than four days--for Red Cross, Direct Relief, Save the Children and Team Rubicon. eBay will match those funds, plus add an additional $100,000, for a total of over $600,000 going to relief.


That said, the effects of this storm will be long term, and residents will need help for a long time to come. We encourage sellers to continue the fundraising efforts by using eBay for Charity, benefitting Red Cross, Direct Relief, Save the Children and Team Rubicon over the coming months. And as you buy on eBay, support those sellers who designate a portion of the proceeds to the relief.  


We are incredibly proud of the generous spirit and human kindness the eBay community has displayed over the last few day. Thank you for all that you have already given, and for your continued support in the future.