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Introducing eBay Questions & Answers

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Verified Blogger
Last Edited 09:07:31 AM

A potential buyer may be this close to purchasing your product. But sometimes they just need a little more info before making a purchase decision. Starting next week, you can answer buyers’ questions and close more sales. Our new Questions & Answers (Q&A) feature will enable eBay shoppers to ask sellers and recent buyers questions about products. The answers will help build buyers’ confidence and can help drive higher conversion.

questions-and-answers-v2.jpgQ&A will be featured on all product pages.

 Next week, all eBay sellers will automatically be opted in to Q&A, and the feature will appear on all product pages. We encourage you to participate in Q&A, but you can opt out and choose not to respond to buyers’ questions. Sellers and recent buyers may receive an email to respond to a buyer’s question, but any seller can respond on product pages.


Buyers who have specific questions on your listing, such as shipping options, will still be able to submit them through Ask a question.


Following the launch of Q&A on product pages next week, the feature will be added to View Item pages in October. As a benefit to responding to buyers, your answers will be ranked at the top of your listings on View Item pages. Other buyers can also view your answers, giving you additional exposure.


Similar to Reviews, eBay will moderate buyers’ questions to determine their relevance and screen for inappropriate content. If you have concerns about a question or answer, you can notify us via the Report button.


eBay Team Members will also be available to answer your questions about this new feature on this eBay discussion board.


As always, thank you for selling on eBay.