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Grouped Listings Gives Buyers an Improved Search Experience.

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Verified Blogger

Beginning October 9th, eBay is launching grouped listings, a new way for buyers to find the items they are searching for faster. Now with one click, buyers can choose to simplify search results and see all identical items grouped together, making their shopping experience smoother. The standard search experience is unchanged.


Sellers at eBay Open 2017 saw VP of Buyer Experience Mohan Patt demonstrate how grouped listings can make it easier to find the items they want.


Imagine that a buyer is looking for “Lego Xbox 360 games.” Searching for that phrase will bring up thousands of listings, dozens of which are for the very same product. The new “Group Similar Listings” button on the search results page will allow buyers to see all those identical products grouped together, meaning buyers have to spend less time searching for the item they want. When the buyer sees the game they’re looking for—Lego Harry Potter Collection, for example—one click takes them to the product page featuring all the separate listings. 


 Grouped listings screenshot.png


Our goal is to make the shopping experience smoother and more efficient for buyers. We believe this change can increase buyer satisfaction and drive more conversion of your items.


This powerful new search feature is made possible by leveraging the structured data sellers like you provide. As a seller, there’s no action you need to take. Simply continue to offer great items at great prices, list with the catalog, and use product identifiers to make sure your products are merchandized in a way that makes sense for shoppers.


Grouped listings will continue to be sorted based on our Best Match algorithm, the default sort order for search results, so sellers should continue following listing best practices.


Grouped listings is available initially on desktop for sellers and buyers in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia. Buyers shopping in all categories except Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, and Motors will be able to choose to see the grouped listings results. The grouped listings feature will soon be available on mobile.  


We are constantly testing and reviewing our online experience to create the best possible experience for sellers and buyers. To make that happen, we appreciate every bit of feedback we get.

Have you tried the new grouped listings feature? Tell us what you think.