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Final Value Fee rates updated to reward low-cost shipping

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Verified Blogger
As announced in March, fee updates for eBay Store subscribers become effective today—Final Value Fee rates for Auction-style and Fixed Price listings have been reduced and will apply to the total amount of the sale, including shipping.

Also, starting today, Fixed Price Final Value Fee rates for sellers without an eBay Store will be reduced and applied to the total amount of the sale.  See other fee updates that took place in April for sellers without an eBay Store.

Keep shipping costs low to get the lowest fees and attract buyers to your listing. Here’s how:

  • Get discounted USPS rates with eBay label printing. Added benefit: tracking information is automatically uploaded to eBay and emailed to your buyer.

  • Sign up for UPS discounts for eBay sellers and eBay PowerSellers.

  • If you’re a high-volume seller, you may qualify for negotiated rates –contact your carrier.

  • Move as much of your shipping cost as possible into your item price and still stay competitive. You’ll pay lower Final Value Fees and maximize your Top-rated seller discount.

  • Make your first domestic shipping option FREE shipping and you’ll pay NO fees on shipping!

Remember: when an international or 1-day shipping service is offered and selected by your buyer, your Final Value Fee is calculated on the least expensive of your options—your international/1-day option OR the first domestic service offered other than 1-day. If your buyer chooses international shipping and you specified free shipping as your first domestic option, you pay zero Final Value Fees on shipping.

See Shipping Best Practices for more tips.