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Enhancements to the eBay Community

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Verified Blogger
Last Edited 11:57:49 AM

Hi Community,

We’re excited that tomorrow we are introducing some enhancements and updates to the eBay Community. Many of the changes are due to direct input from you.

With these updates, we had some specific goals in mind: to improve the overall look and feel of the platform, add functionality, and address a number of technical bugs identified. 


Some of the highlights:

Easier navigation

Based on feedback received from you, we made a number of changes to the pages to make it easier to find information and to improve search and readability. You can now:  

  • Quickly and easily see important announcements and updates in a new Home page banner
  • More easily search the community from the headers of the category and discussion board pages
  • Follow a discussion thread more easily with a tighter, simplified page and a more structured Helpful button
  • Focus right in on community content. The “about me” information was reduced in size and moved to the right side of the home page.

 New Functionality
We’ve added a number of other new features you requested:

  • A new eBay icon on the discussion board pages to highlight discussions where an eBay employee has replied:
  • Page numbers at the top and bottom of posts on both Discussion Boards and Groups make navigation easier
  • Two new discussions boards focused on mobile use
  • Timestamps on discussion board threads when viewed on mobile – as you now see on desktop.

Bugs Resolved

We fixed reported bugs, including:

  • Groups
    • You’ll no longer get an error message when you use Group admin to view members’ lists
    • Duplicate page links at the top of the Group threads have been removed
    • Contradicting messaging about whether a Group was “open” or “closed” has been resolved
  • General fixes
    • You’ll see more of a post’s content when you click the “See more” link
    • You’ll see “Users” instead of “Posts” when you search Users
    • You can now create photo folders when uploading from an iPad
    • You’ll see all of the message on the page in Private Messages
    • When you set “Show online status” to “no one,” members will still see your post Helpful & Accepted Solution count on your profile page

The Community Team would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to share your requests with us.

Tune in to eBay Radio at 1pm PT tomorrow to hear Alan & Doug from the Community Team discuss the latest updates and take any questions you may have.


If you have feedback on the changes, we’d love to hear from you. Please let us know by posting on this board: Community Platform Feedback


Note, for a brief time as we make the updates tomorrow morning, you may experience some delays in accessing pages or even have your account logged out. This should not last more than 30 minutes, if at all. We will communicate once the update is complete.


Thank you!
The eBay Community Team