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Enhancements to Feedback and Buyer Protection to help sellers

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Verified Blogger
Dinesh Lathi

I’m pleased to announce some important updates to eBay’s Feedback, Seller Standards and Buyer Protection systems—updates designed to ensure that your seller performance ratings are a true reflection of the great service you provide.

Updates to Feedback
When we know you delivered fast and free shipping on a transaction, we’ll make sure your rating reflects that.  We’ll also make it easy to report your experience with the buyer to eBay, and let you know what we did with that information.

Automatic 5-star DSRs for free and fast shipping:

  • As of August 24, when you offer and your buyer chooses free shipping, eBay will automatically rate the transaction with 5 stars for shipping cost.

  • Starting in November, when you specify 1-day handling time, upload tracking information by the end of the next business day after the buyer’s payment clears, and we know  your package arrived within 4 business days from when the buyer pays (or arrived by your estimated delivery if that was earlier), eBay will automatically rate the transaction with 5 stars for shipping time.

Reporting your experience with the buyer

  • Starting in late October, you’ll have easy access to a streamlined reporting hub to share with eBay your full experience with a buyer.

  • Links to the new reporting hub will be at your fingertips—in the Feedback flow, in your Seller Dashboard, on the Contact Us page on eBay, the seller information page in the eBay Buyer Protection hub, and in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro.

  • Though it won’t be public or visible to buyers, the information you provide will be used by eBay to help identify and take action against these buyers and sellers. They may be suspended or placed on restriction and their feedback and Buyer Protection cases removed from your account.

  • Starting in November, you’ll also see on your Seller Dashboard the number of times negative Feedback, low DSRs, and Buyer Protection cases were removed from your account due to seller reporting and eBay’s detection methods.

Item condition and delivery dates in the Feedback flow

  • Also starting in November, when buyers go to leave feedback, along with your estimated delivery time and –if you uploaded tracking—the actual delivery date, buyers will now also see your specified item condition.

Updates to Buyer Protection
Earlier this year we announced that Buyer Protection cases would be a factor in seller standards.  When the new requirements take effect in October, sellers will have the following protections:

Buyers prevented from opening cases too soon
Additional checks will be in place to ensure a reasonable window of time for delivery before a buyer can open an eBay Buyer Protection case for an item not received or item not as described. When you upload tracking information and delivery is confirmed, buyers will not be able to open a case for item not received.

Some cases removed from your performance record

When a buyer opens a case, it’s important to reach out to resolve the issue promptly. Any escalated case found in your favor will not count toward your seller performance requirements. For Item Not Received (INR) cases, your seller performance requirements will be protected if you upload tracking information to eBay before a case is filed, ideally within 24 hours of the buyer making payment.

2 steps to make sure you’re protected
To make sure you’re covered by these new protections:

1.       Provide top customer service and respond promptly to buyer issues.

2.       Upload shipping tracking or delivery confirmation information for every transaction.

Get more information on these important seller protections and how you can ensure your transactions are covered.

Talk with members of my staff today until 5 pm Pacific time on a special discussion board we’ve set up for this purpose.

Thank you for selling on eBay and your ongoing commitment to great service.


Dinesh Lathi
Vice President
Seller and Buyer Experience