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Bulk Listing and Editing Added to Promoted Listings

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Sellers: We’re excited to announce the new bulk listing and editing feature in promoted listings, making it easier than ever to maximize the visibility of your inventory.

With the addition of this new feature, you no longer have to upload items into your promoted listings campaigns individually, making it particularly handy for sellers who have a large quantity of data.

If you haven’t used promoted listings before, here’s a quick introduction: Promoted listings is an easy-to-use platform that puts your merchandise in front of more shoppers, boosts your items’ visibility by up to 30%, and increases the likelihood of a sale. It’s also one of many free marketing tools that come with an eBay Stores subscription. Plus, Anchor Store subscribers get a $25 credit to use on promoted listings every quarter.

Creating a promoted listings campaign is a great way to highlight your items, especially during the busy holiday season. So check out our hot items list to see what buyers are hunting for, then create your own holiday campaign today!

It would be nice if there actually were promotions to use this feature with. Been almost a year now since I was offered anything other than the standard (and inadequate) 50 - my sales have been cut roughly in half which also means less fees for eBay.

by camocow200 · Scout

Same here as the above post...


I agree with both of the above posts....whatever hppened to the "list up to 1,000 and at times 10,000 free lists promotins."

I list only when it is free to list, and I maximize the amounts.....but 50 a month will not cut if you guys at e-bay want me to list more, how about a promo to list  thousands for free every month.....and give us the whole month to list them.


Yes. the sellers want more free listings.  Nice to have the free listings but they are not adequate for my basic store (500 free listings.)  I am in the process of making sure none of my current running auctions/buy-it-nows do not relist until after the end of the month since I have no more free listings.  Lets put it this way, it could be desinged a lot better. Will have a lot of canceled items by Nov. 1.


lets put it this way.  under no circumstances wouild i ever pay to list an item. 

its against my principles.  

by greasy420 · Scout

I totally agree with the other posts, 50 does not cut it we want 1,000. Why does Ebay not do this ? They are not only hurting us with sales, but they are depriving themselves money too ! I really do not understand. I am even aware of others having the option to post 50 - 500 listings and I do not receive the same offer as everyone else. What is up with ebay ? Let's make money guys !!!!!!!!!!!! Come on 1,000 at least guys. 

by rockcreeklane · Scout

I am not big enough that a store makes sense. And yes I also refuse to pay to list, on principle. I sometimes wait till the next month to relist items. I don't know what's going on with ebay, but my sales are down 40% for the year.

by mariaha4 · Pathfinder

I could be wrong but I think that ebay will not send you this offer if you have a low satisfaction rafting. I would check your dashboard and see what you can figure out. I had this happen once when I had some negs.


I am glad that you guys are bringing this to EBay's attention.   Apparently their marketing and sales department thinks that they are giving away the farm and that they would actually generate more money by limiting the listing to 50 per month causing you to pay for more insertion listing.  What they fail to realize is that the folks who utilizes the 50 listings per month do not and cannot and will not pay to list.  So in turn, EBay is hurting themselves by not giving you the platform to sell adequately and efficiently.  If items are seen more frequently by viewers it increases the chances of getting sold thus giving eBay money in their pockets.  With this limited exposure oportuntity, the sellers hurts and eBay.  They make money off of our products so it would be counterproductive as a business to limit listing.  They have toyed with this concept and at one time given us 100 per month then changed it.  More people will resort to selling on Facebook which is gaining share in popularity...creating an auction page and then theirs Craigslist and Amazon as well. eBay if you put limitations on sellers that hurt your bottom line then it is time to re-think your strategy and go back to the basics that work.  Sellers want exposures without committing to a store.  Please reconsider bringing back at list 100 listing per month with the special incentives toward the end offering more listing.  No we do not need 5000 listing, who would have the time to list that many...but  perhaps 1000 would be nice.  Because eBay has limited us to 50 and you do not circulate exposure of all listing then they disappear from your listing because you list the high priority items of what you think will sell and leave the less priority items sitting on your unsold list then they disappear after a while because EBay is tight with giving you listing opportunity.   Then you have to spend time again listing those items again only if you have sold those high priority items. This is discouraging because as a small seller you have all of these unsold items in boxes sitting around in your residence...and you it really worth your time effort to do this?  Again, bring back our 100 listings please with end of month listing incentives.  You will make more money, retain sellers and make sellers satisfied and at the same time attracting viewers that lead to customers because they are drawn to the huge inventory of items that are available on EBay.  If the item is not there then the customer looses a chance of buying the product, the seller looses money because it could have been sold if it was listed, but no, sellers ONLY have 50 visibility, no saturation, no frequency, NO SALE!  Make buyers, sellers and EBay profitable you should give us more free listings.Thank you!


I beleive the reason that they (eBay) has limited us, the limited people (50 listings,) is that they want us to get a store and pay the Store fees. Sales have gone down everywhere. This is their

way of getting an income. I am a top rated seller and only get free exrta listings with an ebay store trial.


I have been selling on Ebay since 2012 and have seen many  Sellers leave,  the fees for sales rise, the percentage cut taken by Ebay on shipping, the pressure to use Ebay lables, the pressure to use the Global Shipping Program, the pressure by Ebay to ship FREE, the Return Policy blatantly farouring the Buyers, who are very creative in inventing new wasy to scam the Sellers and Eby always  siding with the Buyers, Ebay deciding to let the Buyers have an item which the Buyers claimed was "damaged" AND  REFUNDING the purchase price plus the shipping cost AND ALLOWING NEGATIVE FEEDBACK TO BE GIVEN BY THE BUYER ontop of it all!

Now they limit the FREE(?) listings to 50 per month. . .  ?? What do they want from the Sellers?  to give away their items, to pay for both shipping and a cut to Ebay for allowing a Seller on the websit?   There are other venus out there, and unless Ebay decides to play fair with BOTH Buyers and Sellers, ithey  just may drive themselves out of business.


I have a store and still do not have enough free listings to put all of my items on.  It would be totally to ebay's benefit to give many more free listings especially now with holidays upon us.  They would benefit greatly from this and we would be able to generate a few more sales.

by johnctrain · Adventurer

whatever hppened to the "list up to 1,000 and at times 10,000 free lists promotins." I list only when it is free to list, and I maximize the amounts.....but 50 a month is a you say I can list 8,000 auctions, but with only 50 free, what is your point


I hugely agree with all the comments. I list only when it's free. I miss the larger free promotions. I'm not going to pay .30 for an auction that may not sell. I only list with the free insertions. Ebay makes money when we sell or now even ship. Regardless they are getting money.

by da-bird1 · Scout

Well, it seems like everyone agrees except eBay.  I have been listing on eBay since 2011 and have NEVER had a bad feedback.  I bend over backwards to make sure people are happy, that's just my nature and ideals that I feel any business should try to accomplish.  However, I am not large enough to "open a store".  I started selling to survive when my husband passed away in 2010.  He had massive amounts of tools and security equipment, trains and other collectibles  which I am still selling.  I do not understand with the 13% with eBay and  Pay pal  why they have to be greedy, wanting $.30 to list each item.  The 50 a month is just a tease.  I currently have 74 items sitting in my unsold and at least  another 100 waiting on the sidelines.  I am tempted to pay to get things listed before Christmas but I have to refuse and stand my ground like the rest of the people that are doing the same!!!!! Glad everyone wrote in, I now know I'm not alone!!!

Sellers Unite  !!!! heart


I agree with the other eBayers.  50 free listings per month is just too small.  PayPal used to provide 100 free listings but reduced it to 50 for some reason.  Also, the eBay and PayPal fees are about at the upper limit for this seller.  I do not have a large profit margin, so the fees really cut into the bottom line.  If the fees go up any further, I will definitely have to re-evaluate my selling options.  I have been an eBay seller for over 15 years, but they are not making it easy for us smaller sellers to stay in business.  Thanks.

by 574.harley · Adventurer

Hi my e-bay friends and sellers. Im not that good on a computer and I get raped monthly. 50 listings is A joke. And 30cents A listing is highway robbery. EBAY WAKE-UP or Im sure something new will come out. When it does you will loose all your valued costumers. Its the little people that made you what you are today. Remember that. Im very frustrated how you nickle and dime the people that have givin you a persentage of our money and you are getting greedy. DO YOU READ WHAT AMERICA IS SAYING. I would like some feedback from you E-BAY. Thankyou my friends that posted things. At end of month Im out of my 50 listings and Ive been dum enough to pay 30 cents. Please give to us ebay like we have to give to you.


My experience with Ebay has been they are extremely unyielding on seller issues which computes to me they do not have the best interest of their sellers in mind. 

Thing of it is, I used to list 200 - 300 - 400 items every month when I was offered free listings.  I do not know what I did to make the big shots upset but for some reason you only allow me 50 free listings a month now.  I guess when you want to start making money again, and see your stock go up on wall street, because right now it isnt.  Eventually you will start caring about your sellers again, seems right now you do not need us, 

by rowena08 · Scout

What happened to the extra promotions you used to add in the middle of the month???  50 items is nothing.  I'm checking out some of the new selling web sights I see advertised on TV.  Ebay is hurting its own people & themselves.  Let's go back to the old way, NOW🤑🤑


i agree with all, i just found this out just getting back into the swing of things and you gotta be kidding me ive got 71 items listed well if they want everybody to go elsewhere then so be it , YOY WOULD THINK THAT THIER SELLERS WOULD MEAN MORE TO THEM THAN THIS, YOU CANNOT MAKE A LIVING WITH 50 ITEMS A MONTH UNLESS THEY ARE THOUSANDS IN PROFIT . WE NEED AN ELECTRONIC PATITION THAT IS SIGNED BY A NOTERY

by rowena08 · Scout

What happened to the specials that we used to get during the month??  We are getting hurt but it will come round & get eBay too!

by cher1953 · Adventurer

YES, I think eBay should increase the amount of listings for EVERYONE, even the store owners. I pay 60.00 per month and by the third week of the month, have run out of listings(that my 60.00 covers). They should UP the amount for ALL of us, eBayl will make more money as what is the problem???

by danousmc · Adventurer

Maybe EBAY should think about the free listings you use to give out on a continuous basis. Not everyone wants a store. I avoid store sellers. There description pages are enough to give you a headache with all the hideous images. You suck 9% of my sales on everything I sell and 50 free listings a month don't cut it. It's your loss EBAY. I'm not paying .30 a listing plus 9% sales fee. That's a double standard. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!

by bunnygirl1950 · Adventurer | Updated

I cannot add anything much because I agree with everything that has already been said.  I am small too and I think the people that do not have a store are being discriminated against with our postings being put at the bottom of the listings.   I sold a few years ago and made lots of money.  I recently started back and have sourced a LOT of inventory and bought supplies only to have it sit here because I am so discouraged by all of the negativity against the "small" sellers by Ebay and all of the restrictions and all of the coddling of the unscrupulous buyers.  Most people rely on money made on Ebay for supplemental income and, in some cases, as an ONLY income.  When we are forced to lose money because Ebay (they think they are helping us evidently - NOT!) tells us to offer free shipping which has resulted in loss of money for lots of sellers, especially if a return is authorized that is unfounded and the seller has to absorb it. I have not even begin to touch the issue of the rediculous fees that are charged by Ebay.   Another thing that Ebay does that I think is awful is carry the potential buyer to another seller's item that might be a little cheaper resulting in a loss in sales.  NOW, all of this being said,  I wonder how much of all of this that people took their time to express their opinions that Ebay will even read or pay attention to. 


I totally agreed with everyone else.  We need to be able to list more free.  I have a store and I can't list all of my items or put the new items up, because I am not paying for listing items.  If you want us to have a good holiday season or anytime we need more free listings or more promotions during the month.  You have fell short on that lately.  I am very discouraged right now.

by krn_rooks · Adventurer

Charging a person for their own shipping is out right high way robbery !!! More money in their pocket and less in ours !! Its already tough making a profit with 10% in e bay fees and then paypal fees !! Limits on listing to make you purchase a store front ...maybe time to search for another site!!



This summer eBay has given me 1000 free listings and twice 500 free listings which I listed all I could for 30 days and have done very well. This got me through the summer which is always my worst months. I don't know how they decide to offer these bonus listings but I do know that you need to check your inbox in my eBay because when they offer these it doesn't necessary mean that it will go through your regular email.

by oldfats · Enthusiast


by angelfib · Adventurer

I have been a sellersince 1999.  I had major surgery this past December nd couldn't keep up with my EBay account so my husband tried to.  He is not me so a couple of things he couldn't find so he canceled.  EBay cancelled my account because I gave him access.  I can no longer sell on EBay.

by grandspz · Pathfinder

The items I mostly sell are very inexpensive, need the free listings or not profitable to list. Haven't received free listings other than the norm of 50 in months.  Ebay needs to reduce listing fees or eliminate them completely. Then they probably would be swamped, which means more profits for everyone.

Rising Star

Everyone has said everything I would say but I wanted to add another comment to count.  I almost never list if there's a listing fee (high dollar items occasionally excepted), since I'm paying fees to sell, both to eBay and Paypal, I don't think it's fair to charge a listing fee.  I cycle through my stock so that unless I'm given a free promotion, not all my items are for sale at the same time.  This means less sales, and less fees to eBay.  It really doesn't make any sense from a business standpoint.  If they need to get more servers to handle the load, I'm sure it pay for itself in no time.

by dieseld725 · Enthusiast | Updated

Whoever thought of this and/or approved of this asinine idea limiting it to 50/mo is cutting the lifeline of both sellers and ebay shareholders. Those responsible should be terminated immediately for the losses of millions. Sounds like we are dealing with a big government mentality here. Too limiting.

by dieseld725 · Enthusiast

Time to diversify with Amazon, Alibaba, Craigslist, etc.


Let me get this straight--you mean to tell me that because I have a store--the smallest one possible, that I can no longer bulk relist my items? Wow, this is really fair isn't it. Seems like your telling me that if I Promote my items for 3% more fees, that I can bulk relist meanwhile, someone without a store can bulk relist any time they choose.


I agree with the more FREE listing!! I would list more, and make more, which in return Ebay would make more. Isn't that why we are here doing this??????

by myfancee · Adventurer

why does ebay even charge sellers for listing?  every one should have unlimited

free (basic) listings. more $$$ for ebay. shame on you. you make enough money

from sales.

by jwendt30 · Pathfinder

I have been a long time member of Ebay and sold in the past.  Events happened in life and I quit selling.  Now, I am treated as a "new" seller and money held 21 days......even if it says it is to be released, it is not in a timely manner and most times I have to call paypal.  Disappointed with Ebay all around at this point.  I am looking into Facebook, Craigslist and letgo!  Not cool Ebay!


I have also been a long time member of ebay, and have many issues with them, 1. why when they of 500 free listing it takes your regular one you get before the free listing kick in? 2. why do they take money out of my shipping shipping when, i use absolutly none of there stuff, i buy the bubble mailers address them drive them to the post office and stand in line to send them out, so now i have to offer free shipping with makes my prices higher and people buy less because of the overpriced item, ebay also take a listing fee and a final listing fee, they take 2 of every fee there is to take, check out your records and you will see, ebay is nothing more than a scam anymore they use to be for the sellers who make there money for them, now there just all about themselves, and as like others i am also looking for other options to sell things....


I'm sorry, but you are all wrong!  We should Pay... and then pay some more!  There are literally dozens of corner-office-having, suede-shoe-wearing marketing people with 6 figure salaries that count on your sweat and money so that their 16 year old daughters do not have to drive a used BMW, but rather the new God intended.  Shut up and fork it over!



I was a top rated seller for yeras and my ebay is part of a non-profit org: I have that help teenager's that have suffered sexual abuse, I got sick with non-small cell lung cancer which ebay was well aware of so with the extreme pain and preasure's of chemo there was NO WAY I caould keep up my listing activity and when I fell below the quota of having on a monthly by yearly basis 100 usa transaction whith $1000.00 in sales put together to maintain the top rated status , they took it from me even though my sale's where atleast 10 times the $1000.00 amount but I did NOT have 100 transaction's  ; Figure that one out and at the same time my store monthly fee went from $15.95 per month to $19.95 a month.

I am getting much better no and just got in remission but I think it is heart breaking not only for myself but to all seller's that work so hard.. When they took my top rated seal my sale's dropped 50% , No one can help they get sick and I made them way more money than the $1000.00 and for them to TAKE what I worked sooo hard for away because of my illness is not only unfair but show's me THEY JUST DO NOT CARE , I also have 100% positive feedback never even had a nuturel let alone negative feedback , What did they expect me to do take my lap top  to the already very difficult and depressing room I was in getting the chemo poison put in my veins for 2 hours and do some listing's ? VERY VERY disheartening , And when this is NOT even about me but the Kid's we work with , that is where the money from all sales go and they know that but still when you talk to them it is usually a waste of time... Thanks to all of you for speaking up ! Remember  It always tak's a village ! God Bless you all !


Billy Lind



Rising Star

I agree with the other Sellers.  I will only list for free.  I can't afford to pay because I don't really make much on what I sell to begin with.  I'm just cleaning out the closets, etc.  But I really do need more than 50 free listings a month.  That is not nearly enough, especially if you are doing auctions rather than BIN.  Every 7-10 days I would need to relist so that eats through the 50 freebies really fast.  eBay can't see the forest for the trees.  As other Sellers said, eBay will make money IF we are able to sell our stuff.  You would think they would give us every possible edge to do so.  Also, it **bleep** me off that they want small time Sellers to subscribe to a Store.  Again, I don't make enough $ to support the Store fee.  I might as well just donate my stuff and get a write off.  Doesn't really leave much incentive for doing all the work involved with listing.  eBay - WAKE UP!  Give us at least 500 minimum freebies a month.  BTW, I have 100% Feedback since 2007.  If every buyer would bother to write Feedback I'd have at least 6+X more than I have now. 


Have listed successfully for over a decade.  Ebays greed and stupidity are insisting I find another avenue.  I have and ta-ta morons. 

Rising Star

Well, we are coming up on Black Friday and other Thanksgiving/Christmas shopping events, and no extra free listings from eBay so far for the month of November.  Very sad for small eBay sellers.  LIke many others, I really do not make much on my items, so it is not worthwhile to pay any listing fees.  50 free listings is certainly not enough to keep me interested in selling on eBay.  It was kind of fun for me (it's just a hobby!) but eBay does not seem to support us small sellers.  Really, really too bad.  If there are other selling venues, any suggestions are welcome!  Thanks!

by malaro9 · Adventurer

how about 1000 is right ! this 50 **bleep** is hurting all of us. come on ebay !!!

Rising Star

Well, some of us just got a whopping 50 extra freebies offer until Saturday midnight.  Big whoop.  It's just a drop in the pan.  Need more especially now that the Christmas shoppers are out there looking for deals.  Come on eBay.  Send out those 500 - 1000 Free listing offers NOW so we can get busy before we really get busy with our personal Holiday stuff we all have to do.  So, where have people gone to sell other than here?  Need tips please.

by p-egg · Adventurer

I agree with everyone that more free listings are needed.  Not everyone wants to have a store and may only have more items to sell during the holidays. With all eBay's rules (1 day shipping, 60 day returns, etc etc), it would be nice to get more free listings.  Sometimes I get 1,000 free listings that I have to use in 1-2 days--- big help!!     Also 10% fees on final selling price, which includes postage,  is ridiculous !!

by exj904 · Adventurer

As a small seller, I will never list any item when there are listing fees. Listing fees are not beneficial to Ebay as well as the seller. More market choices mean more money to Ebay and the seller. Everyone wins. Sellers have much more invested in preparing an item for sale. Ebay only have to collect their fee when an item sells. If the seller is not listing, Ebay cannot profit. It only makes sense.

by blasing57 · Enthusiast

yes your free listings donet cut it  need more etsy is a option 3 month at the time i get sick on filling out the listings  make it longer than a week and more free  listing you make a lot of $$ on selling comischen

by dacboo · Enthusiast

Did not receive any free listing promotions for long time.

Looking for other places to sell