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Announcing a new way for sellers to save

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Verified Blogger
As you know, we are now rotating listing offers among sellers so that we can offer even more money-saving opportunities—and offer the promotions that make the most sense for the way you sell.

To grant you the ability to control which of your listings have promotions applied to them—and to help us create better and more personalized promotions based on what, when, and how you sell—you’ll begin seeing an ‘Activate now’ button in select promotional emails.

The ‘Activate now’ button indicates whether activation is required before the promotion is applied to your account. You can activate a promotion at any time that’s convenient for you within the promotional period by clicking this button, or by going to Promotional Offers under the All Selling tab in My eBay. Promotional rates will be applied once you activate the offer, and will not be retroactive to listings created within the promotional period but prior to activating the offer. All other aspects of seller promotions will remain the same.

Note that not all promotions will require activation in order for you to participate. To insure you receive all applicable listing offers, make sure your communication preferences are set to receive seller email promotions. Click on the Account tab within My eBay, click Communication Preferences at left, then check the Seller email promotions box under Promotions and Surveys.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay!
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I received an email from eBay the first part of September 2016 which offered a $40.00 purchasing coupon if I sell an iPhone (may have said Cell phone, I don't remember) on eBay before October 31st. I had an iPhone 6s, so I activated the email and listed it.  I also had a 5s that I no longer used, so before listing it, I called eBay customer service (which I had to Google the phone # because none listed on the site), to ask if I sold both phones on eBay can I redeem two coupons and the agent told me that I could, but would not receive the coupons in my email until after the promotion ended, which was Oct 31st. Both phones sold right away and I waited for the coupons emails until Nov. 19th. I called eBay to see why I had not received the coupons. Calling the same CS number which I had saved, this agent did not know what I was talking about, and could not find a record of the eBay promotion. He asked if I had a copy of the email, but when I went to my inbox to see, the email was gone. I do not remember deleting it and I do not think I did. The agent said he would investigate and talk to management and would call me back withing 24 hours. He called me back 6 days later, and needless to say, eBay would not honor the promotion. If the promotion had come in my personal email, and I had not talked with an eBay customer service rep, I could understand it have been a scam, but it was in my eBay account email. If any eBay account holders has a copy of this promotion email, please let me know. However I'm sure eBay deleted it from all seller inboxes. I will never sell anything else on eBay and purchase a lot less than in the past, if I purchase anything from them.