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In 2010, we’re taking steps to bring you even more buyers and make it faster and easier than ever to list and sell your vehicle.

  1. 1.    Fee update: New low fee for lower priced vehicles—NO Successful Listing Fees after your 4th listing!

List your first 4 vehicles FREE—pay a low fee only if your listing is successful:

  • As always, list 4 vehicles FREE every 12 months—no Insertion Fees for Auction-style or Fixed Price. Pay a low Successful Listing Fee only if your listing is successful.

  • Starting March 30, 2010, if the final value of your successful vehicle listing is $2,000 or less, your Successful Listing Fee is just $60 – that’s less than half the previous rate. If it ends successfully at a final value of more than $2,000, it’s just $125.

  • As always, you can sell in eBay Local Classifieds for FREE – no fee to list and no Successful Listing Fee for up to 6 listings per year.

NO Successful Listing Fee for your 5th vehicle and up—regardless of the final value:

  • List in Cars and Trucks, RVs & Campers, and Commercial Trucks for $50.

  • For most vehicle types, pay NO Successful Listing Fees—regardless of the listing’s final value.

  • List in Motorcycles, Powersports, Boats, Trailers and Other Vehicles for just $20, plus a Successful Listing Fee only when you get a buyer.

Learn more about Successful Listing Fees.

2.   NEW Top-rated seller status for Motors Vehicles

We understand that the Vehicles category has a unique sales cycle and industry-accepted performance standards. That’s why we’re introducing unique requirements exclusively for sellers in eBay Motors Vehicles.

  • Vehicle sellers with at least 40 vehicle transactions in 12 months can qualify.

  • Top-rated seller status requirements for vehicle sellers will not include shipping DSRs. There will be a maximum number of Vehicle Purchase Protection claims a seller may have and still be Top-rated.

  • Only vehicle transactions with U.S. buyers will count.

  • Top-rated sellers on eBay Motors get great benefits: prominent badge on their listings, a boost in Fixed Price search results, and a 20% discount on any Successful Listing Fees incurred.

  • Starting in September 2010 on and eBay Motors, the PowerSeller icon or references to the PowerSeller designation can no longer be included in listing templates, listing descriptions, About Me pages, or eBay Stores pages.

Get details about these important updates 

Thank you for selling your vehicles on eBay Motors!


Nicolas Franchet

Senior Director, eBay Motors