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Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

Community Team
Community Team
Last Edited 05:45:19 PM

The eBay Community is a place where eBay Community members can connect, learn and share experiences and best practices with one another.  By participating in the eBay Community, you agree to act in accordance with the Community Guidelines and the eBay User Agreement.  These principles exist to ensure that the Community continues to provide the support you need as you sell and buy on eBay. As a Community, we are committed to creating a useful, respectful, and enjoyable destination for all members.  You can find more information on how to best use the Community in our Tips for Posting article.


Most importantly, we hope you enjoy taking part in the Community and we're glad you're here!


Community Guidelines

  1. The eBay Community is a peer-to-peer support community.
    While eBay employees will be on the discussion boards from time to time,  the Community is not a dedicated customer service channelThis is a peer-to-peer support community – inclusive of sellers, buyers, and eBay employees. It is a place to get tips and advice from Community members.  If you require assistance directly from eBay Customer Support, please visit our Customer Support portal via the Help & Contact link.

  2. Help keep the Community clean.
    Please report inappropriate behavior. If you see any offensive, abusive, patently false, or otherwise inappropriate content (including posts, pictures, and videos), please click on the “Report Inappropriate Content” link that is attached to the post or private message.  This will alert the moderators and they can look into the issue. We do ask that you only submit one report per post.  eBay will not discuss actions taken on a user with any other user. The reporting function is anonymous.

  3. Only persons aged 18 or over may post to the Community boards, even in cases where the account is owned by an adult.  This is related to eBay’s Underage Users policy, for more information, click here.

  4. Be respectful.  Content that is harmful, hostile, threatening, abusive, baiting, vulgar, defamatory, harassing, or includes hate or racist speech, name calling or profanity will be edited or removed.  Read more about our Profanity policy here; information on our Threats of Bodily Harm policy is available here.

  5. Do not post obscene, vulgar or pornographic content.  This includes media and text. 

  6. Avoid duplicate, repetitive or disruptive threads and posts.  Members should only post one thread per topic on the most relevant board for the issue or question.  Topics or posts that are duplicative or disruptive may be removed without notice.

  7. Do not abuse Helpfuls. This includes soliciting others for helpfuls, giving an excessive number of helpfuls to a specific user or users, using multiple accounts to give yourself or others multiple helpfuls, and marking another member’s posts as helpful to help them get to the top of leaderboards.

  8. No naming and shaming.  We will not tolerate posting about listing or member violations.  Item numbers, auction links, negative/neutral feedback scores, other members’ ID or contact information posted for the purpose of shaming another member will be edited or removed.  Read more about this policy here. 

  9. Keep private interactions confidential. 
    We assume that email and private message content is intended only for the recipient(s).  Do not post personal names, addresses, tracking numbers, private messages, chat transcripts or emails from Community members, moderators or eBay. 

  10. Sharing patently false information.  Posting patently false or unsubstantiated content is harmful to other members and goes against the spirit of the Community.

  11. Do not post copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright owner.  This includes posting images that depict persons without the permission of the depicted person.  For more information, click here.

  12. Do not discuss or post about moderation actions. Discussion of moderation actions, reposting of deleted posts or discussion of suspended or no longer registered members. It is not permitted to discuss or repost removed content. It is inappropriate to talk about others who are suspended from the community or eBay.

  13. Do not advertise items, listings, services, or commercial websites, including offers to trade, "wanted" posts, petitions or solicitations. Members are not permitted to tell others to stop selling on eBay or to leave eBay for any reason to include naming or posting links to off-eBay sites, groups or forums, for more information, click here.  For more information about our Want Ads and Trades policy, click here

  14. Reporters and third party representatives need permission from the eBay Legal Department prior to posting or emailing members in their official capacity.  This rule helps assure that the eBay community is made aware if they are speaking to someone who is acting in a professional capacity, rather than as a fellow member.

  15. Do not encourage others to breach eBay policies or the eBay User Agreement. It is against the spirit of the Community to suggest to other members that they do something that may be in breach of eBay policies.


Behavior that is contrary to these guidelines may result in temporary or permanent suspension of activity on the eBay Community platform. eBay reserves the right for itself and its moderators to edit or remove any thread, post, signature, image or video that we consider inappropriate or offensive to the Community.  Breaches of the eBay User Agreement or the Community guidelines may result in warnings, board sanctions and/or suspensions from the site.  eBay reserves the right to remove any post without warning or further notice.   

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