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Videos in Listings

Videos in Listings


I include videos in some of my listing because buyers want to know what things do, how they work, what they sound like.  They can do this in person, but not when buying on the internet.  Ebay used to incourage this practice, but for a year now has been giving out confusing information.  Now they give you this advice:




First, the code they give does not work, it shows nothing in the listing.  And to top it off, they say to avoid a video like this one, and they have a still image, not a video. 


Can anyone at ebay explain how to add a video to a listing properly?  I upload videos to my YouTube channel, this has worked for years.  I can easily view YouTube videos on other sites, works fine when viewing a video on Amazon, which ebay so wants to be.

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Re: Videos in Listings

Re: Videos in Listings

in reply to May 9, 2017 3:15:37 PM
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Hi Genghoul,


While you cannot embed youtube videos after June, you can use html5 video tags to embed MP4 videos, or you can open and play a youtube video by including a link and setting up that link to open in a new tab.  Embedding video using HTML5 video tags requires the source mp4 file to be publicly hosted and requires a basic understanding of html5.  For this reason we suggest you create a link to your youtube videos.

Create an item description link for your youtube video to be playable in a new tab:

<p>Watch the YouTube Skylanders Giants extended game trailer: </p><a target="_blank" href="https://youtu.be/DUMFF7ekbvw"><img src="http://iphone-tricks.com/files/2016/10/safari-video-small-play-icon.jpg" alt="View Skylanders Giants extended trailer"></a><p></p>

<p>Watch the embedded YouTube Skylanders Giants extended game trailer: </p><a target="_blank" href="https://www.youtube.com/embed/DUMFF7ekbvw"><img src="http://iphone-tricks.com/files/2016/10/safari-video-small-play-icon.jpg" alt="View Skylanders Giants embedded extended trailer"></a><p></p>

Both of these links display text, an image of a playable video, and a YouTube video link setup to open in a new tab.  The first link uses the standard YouTube share link url, while the second one uses the embedded link url format.


If you still prefer to embed mp4 video that is publicly hosted, you can add html code similar to the following:

<video controls="" height="240" width="320">
<source src="https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&amp;id=0B5xaED1KdaBqU0Rod2N3RGJfTjg" type="video/mp4">

This code contain the html5 video tags, including a tag for video playback controls, the source location for the publicly hosted mp4 file, and the file type.  For my example, I've saved an mp4 file in my google drive and have updated the file to be a publicly viewable file.  This is an ok option for videos less than 10MB that do not have many views. eBay does not suggest or recommend this as a video hosting solution.  I have simply used this option to demonstrate the capability.  


To see the live listing demonstrating these examples, please click here:  

my "Skylanders Giants game" eBay listing



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