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eBay Turns up the Dial on Advertising to Bring in Buyers

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News Team
News Team
Last Edited 11:29:50 AM


Have you seen it? Maybe you saw it on a digital billboard in Times Square. Or, maybe on HGTV during Fixer Upper. Maybe you spotted it during a NASCAR race on Fox Sports?


“It” is eBay advertising, and we’re going big in 2017.


Why, you might ask? Advertising is at the core of our mission, the goal that informs everything we do: to be the place where the world shops first. Starting this spring, we’re launching a massive, nationwide advertising campaign across various channels—TV, radio, online, social media, billboards, and bus shelters—aimed at bringing you more buyers. Cha-ching!


We’re excited to share our advertising efforts with you, so watch this space for monthly updates. We’ll be showing off the latest imagery and placements designed to drive more buyers your way.


Here’s what we did in April:

  • Vignettes on HGTV about spring items to drive traffic to the Home & Garden category.
  • This online video from eBay Motors to attract buyers to the Parts & Accessories category


  • eBay’s “Pit Box” during NASCAR races on Fox Sports
  • Radio spots on iHeartRadio touting eBay as THE place to buy new spring fashions
  • A multi-channel Mother’s Day campaign using email, social and on-site ad placements.
  • Partnered with Conde Nast on Instagram and Refinery29 on Facebook to reach millennial shoppers



In May, look forward to:

  • TV ads on national channels like ABC, NBC, Spike, The Golf Channel, and TLC and streaming services like Hulu.
  • More eBay “Pit Box” coverage at NASCAR on Fox Sports
  • Continued marketing through paid search
  • Marketing via social channels like Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest
  • And more…


Be sure to check back each month to catch a glimpse of new campaigns as they launch!

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by Community Team | Updated
Community Team
Community Team

Love seeing and hearing all of the ebay advertising out there, so vibrant and colorful, and fun!


Yes, I saw a billboard exactly like that one in Detroit.


Yellow background, those options -- couldn't see the top or bottom options on the billboard, though.

by mr_lincoln · Rockstar


Excellent news to hear!  Every little bit helps and oh, btw, you are more than welcome to feature my store in one of those a quick Cameo slots!!!!  (hee-hee!)

by 648teresa · Scout

I just hope and pray it will be some ad campaigns focused on unique, hard to find pre-owned items, collectibles that can't be found anywhere else but eBay.  It seems to be all about new ordinary items that everyone can find anywhere in any big box store chain down the street.  I'm excited about the advertising but I just hope not to see eBay go all new stuff. How boring.

by aswegrow2 · Scout


Thank you for the eBay  Swag  going  to  love  having my ice  coffee  in  the water  bottle and  stickers. Bonus  box   I  shipped out an order in it tonight ;)


News Team
News Team

My pleasure Diane, thanks for being an active member in the eBay community :) ~A

by ebetsy · Guide

Love the water bottle and stickers! Thanks, Audrey!! We don't have a TV, so a friend is watching HGTV for me and saving the shows with eBay content. We're going to binge watch next weekend!

by jamsgems · Enthusiast

I only started selling last month and I was excited when saw a few of these ads!


Looks awesome! Thanks ebay!!

by js696 · Pathfinder

:smileyhappy: nice to see some return to us the retailers thank you

How delightful ebay I have heard one on I heart radio and one on the golf channel.By any chance might you know which category and or categories will be spotlighted for mothers day and how long the ads will run.I love that ebay is taking a professional marketing step forward to get behind the driver seat of sales thank you just brilliant I love the professional look.