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Now, more control—and more opportunity—when selling overseas

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Verified Blogger

I love to share good news, and this week, I’ve got a particularly interesting update to tell you about, coming from our Global Shipping Program team!

Based on the great feedback we’ve received over the past few months, eBay has made an exciting change to the Global Shipping Program, one that gives sellers who currently ship outside the US the flexibility to continue to use their own specified carriers for shipping to certain countries—and use the Global Shipping Program to reach potentially millions of brand-new buyers in all the other countries the Program serves!

This update is ideal for those of you with well-established shipping methods to select regions that want an easy way to reach potentially millions of new buyers across the globe. For example: if you currently ship to Canada using your own shipping method, you can now use the Global Shipping Program to ship to all remaining countries served by the Program—now totaling 42 countries worldwide—while retaining your shipping preference for Canada!

Manish Joneja, head of the Global Shipping Program, says he’s delighted to share this latest update, as it really shows how eBay is responding to the needs of sellers: “We know that over the years, many of our sellers have become comfortable shipping to selected countries using their own shipping methods. But we also know how much they’d love to find a way to open their listings up to more buyers in other countries around the world.”

And that, Joneja says, is, “really what makes this update so ideal, and so gratifying. Sellers with well-established practices can continue doing what they’re doing—and now take full advantage of the increased visibility the Global Shipping Program provides to reach 42 countries (and counting!) around the world.”

For those sellers who aren’t already enrolled in the Global Shipping Program, opting in is easy. Once you do, you’ll be able to take advantage of this new shipping flexibility every time you list.  And for sellers who have already opted in to the Global Shipping Program, you can choose your preferred shipping service by selecting Allow me to customize international shipping by country in your Global Shipping Program preferences.

Joneja says, “We want our sellers to have every opportunity to reach as many buyers as they can, in a way that makes them feel comfortable and supported. Making this update to the Program is a great way to say, ‘Sellers, we understand your reality, and we’re trying to make things even better—and easier—for you!’”

To learn more about this new update and get a step-by-step guide to creating your alternative international shipping options, please visit the Global Shipping Program help page

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