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No Holiday Products? No Problem!

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Born in China, Samuel Lu immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s. After his father’s unexpected passing, Samuel’s mother opened a small retail store in Queens, NY, selling herbal and nutritional products and supplements.


Samuel, who spent afternoons and weekends helping out in the family store, often dreamt of following in his mother’s footsteps and one day owning his own small business. Unintimidated by the prospect of hard work and long hours, he left behind his corporate job and six-figure salary to pursue his American Dream. In 2015 he successfully leveraged his mother’s brick and mortar retail store to sell nutrition and herbal products online. Thus, New Green Nutrition was born.



We sat down with Samuel to learn more about his eBay business and to hear how he’s keeping busy this holiday season.


You’re fairly new to the eBay platform, and you’re a multi-channel business. What advantages does eBay have in comparison to other online marketplaces?


eBay provides a straightforward and easy-to-use sales platform. The one way eBay stands out from the competition is each individual listing is separated. Factors such as customer service, shipping time, product quality, and seller credibility play just as important of a role as the price. We fully believe pricing is different from offering value – we are a value-oriented seller.


In your mind, what are eBay shoppers looking for when it comes to customer service? How are you aligning your strategy to meet their needs?


Our strategy is simple: treat customers how we would want to be treated. Customers want straightforward pricing and free shipping. That’s why we offer competitive pricing and free shipping for all of our products. Customers want the product delivered quickly. We ship same day six days a week and sometimes even on Sunday! Most of our customers receive their order within 1-3 business days. Customers do not like surprises or shocks when they receive the product they ordered – that’s why we take multiple photos from different angles and provide very detailed and accurate descriptions. In short, competitive pricing, quick delivery, and consistent product quality are goals we strive for as an eBay seller.


Nutrition and herbal products don’t necessarily align with a key retail moment like the holidays. In your mind, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this business model? What are your recommendations for other eBay sellers in the same boat?


Find your niche and be consistent in the services and products you offer. We are in a category that may not have a lot of spikes during particular retail moments or the holiday season; however, we still want to be the trustworthy seller that buyers remember and go to when there's a need for nutrition and herbal products. Toyota doesn’t sell the most desirable cars and McDonald's doesn’t offer the finest dining experience, but they are wildly successful due to their reliability and the consistent experience and pricing they offer. They offer value that consumers can easily identify. Understanding your market niche and what you can offer are crucial for success.


You don’t sell a product that many would consider a hot holiday item. So what are you currently doing to prepare your business for a successful 2017?


We are using this time to think about our next step. We are always expanding our product line, and in 2017, we will launch our own nutrition and herbal product line called VitaVita. We have a lot of ideas and are excited to continue to partner with eBay as one of our main sales channel.


Samuel, you’re an inspiration to all sellers in pursuit of the American Dream. Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your unique niche!


Want to learn more about Samuel’s eBay journey? Listen to his episode of eBay’s Open for Business podcast.

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Great and inspiring article, Sam.



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