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Make Money by Promoting eBay Listings – Even Your Own

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News Team
News Team

If you’re a seller who’s active on socia media, the eBay Partner Network (EPN) was made for you. It’s a program that pays you to advertise eBay items, including your own! All you have to do is post a special link on your blog, social pages, websites, or app, and you’ll earn a commission when someone clicks through and buys an eBay item – any item.


Joining the program is easy and free, and getting started takes a few quick steps. So, if you blog about the items you sell on eBay, promote your items on Facebook, or tweet like mad to drive traffic to your eBay listings, you could be earning even more just by using EPN’s trackable links.



Just how much could you make? Check out EPN’s sample Earnings Calculator to get an idea of how much you can earn by promoting popular items.


Here’s how to start making money with one of the most established and successful affiliate programs available:


  1. Join EPN. It only takes a few minutes, and you can use your existing eBay login credentials. Added bonus: New members can earn double commission during their first three months in the program.


  1. Start promoting. Use EPN tools like bookmarklet to quickly create interactive ads and customer banners.


  1. Include keywords and calls to action. Add relevant keywords to your blog, website, and social media channels. And, encourage action by incorporating phrases like “Buy This on eBay Now” instead of a general “Click Here.”


  1. Get paid. The more your visitors purchase, the more you’ll earn. You’ll also earn a 100% bonus when you drive new eBay buyers or engage shoppers who haven’t purchased from eBay in the last 12 months.


  1. Update your ad content often for the best results. And, review your EPN dashboard to see what’s performing well and what could be improved. Run reports, study your findings, and adjust accordingly. Make sure to subscribe to the EPN blog for regular optimization tips and insights.


If you have any questions, check out the FAQs or watch a few starter videos to get a visual overview of EPN. Join now, and start earning double commissions!  


 Are you already an eBay Partner Network member? If so, share your tips in the comments below.




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Does anyone know whether there is an option to use the eBay Twitter button directly without having to go first through the bookmarking software to generate a new link, than copy/paste the link to the tweet?


It would be much easier if it worked directly, especialy on retweets and such.


Thank you.

by nylespiles · Explorer

Yes, simplier is better, especially for us seniors who weren't raised up in a social media climate.

by crohrman · Pathfinder

This is so overly complicated that it wont be worth my time. Could you not include an actual clickable button on an item (like there already is for facebook, pinterest, and twitter? 




That's exactly how I feel. I've tried it when it first came out, only to spend three times as much time clicking, copying, and pasting. Not enough time in the day for that.

by potter-more · Scout

I went and looked at the calulator and it looks like you get a 5% comition. That can't be right can it? When ebays gets a 10% comition.

by survivorsedge · Scout

Having trouble logging in and sent a request as to why my account is having problems but have not received a reply.


when posting to  twitter etc cant you make a folder on your desktop and save links short cuts etc in it named ebay.    i do it with all my shipping lables and ebay  images not only for repost retweets etc   but if ever a problem or  cust issue.  the lable the images  all int he folder  inside i have  new folders  named after the week or month or day  so ebay folder is main  then 11-1-16 is folder inside  then ebay lables then 11-8-16 and so on


Why on earth promote anything to do with ebay if they cannot

assist us when we are in dire straits with a bad buyer....


I think we should leave ebay out of all our other accounts as they do nothing for us.


it is ok to have an opinion but it is different to live by it... I dont mind trying to sell on ebay but when it comes that buyers abuse the way the feedback system is laid out now, it is time for us to stop promoting ebay until our voices are heard.....


Ebay wont give us anything for notheing...will they???


I agree with you totally

by survivorsedge · Scout

Told mine was expired two years ago and still trying to find out if I can renew or what.  Very strange support.

I pay a lot of fees at the end of the month. I don't know why

I should work for eBay .

eBay should work for me !!!

by mjbfsc · Adventurer

im to busy trying to get my stuff listed and promoting my own ebay store let alone anything else.  i will just stick to me.

by ansippi_0 · Enthusiast

thank you


Great!! thank you for sharing !!


I am sick and tired of giving ebay all the good references one can give when we get nothing back in return in regards to help and assistance...As a seller, ebay needs us to place goods on their site to receive income to run their company. If they dont have sellers placing items to sell , then they will lose in the distant future.. I guess  it is simply time to play the same way ebay gives out.... I know if i had an ebay store, i would close it immediately as why should i pay those terribly high fees when we get nothing back in return when we need help and assistance from ebay. I have a massive blocked buyer list and i have copied and pasted it to a word document and is on my extended hard drive and to a jump drive pawn stick for extra security.... May i suggest that people having trouble with any buyers place those unscupulos buyers on a blocked bidders list . It can be found if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the heading site map at the far right. Then once that is done, scroll down in there for the sub heading SELL and you will see the bold lettering Sell activities...In the few minor headers in sell acrivities, click on the words Block bidder / buyer list on the top row and that is where you can place the ebay usernames of those bad buyers that give you problems. Personally once i place a name in there, it never ever comes off, however you all can do what you like...I believe if the buyers are bad enough to make it to that list in the 1st place then they are bad enough to stay there. I guess with the way ebay sides with the bad buyers, we have no alternative where to turn to. This just means once the buyers are blocked, then ebay loses fees paid in as those possible sales will have vanished. The buyers few piddly dollars they may spend is not worth the anguish they can cause as ebay does not back up any seller , at any time in general, no matter how much proof the sellers have . Hope i have helped some of my fellow sellers out there and i really hope you make good use of the blocked bidder list which ebay has on their site to be used.

Lastly i have noticed so many sellers complaining in here so i am just trying  to help them out to avoid coming into contact with those buyers that abuse the ebay system...nothing more and nothing less...OIO