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How to Combine eBay Shipments Destined for the Same Address

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“How do I combine shipments to the same address?”


It’s one of the most common questions we see pop up on the eBay Community. And it makes sense. Maybe you offer free shipping and have noticed that you can save time and money by combining two items going to the same address. Or, maybe it’s something that a buyer has requested of you.


Either way, I’m here to help. Here are step-by-step instructions for combining eBay shipments:


1. Sign into Seller Hub.


Once there, click on “Orders” and then from the drop-down menu, “Awaiting shipment.” If you don't have a Seller Hub account, sign up! It's free - you just need to activate your access.


Combined shipping 2 blur.png 

 2. Select the items you’d like to ship together.


From the “Shipping action” box, check "Print shipping labels” for the items you’d like to ship together.

Combined shipping 2 blur.png


 3. Start the shipping process.


Next, click on the “Shipping action” drop-down menu and select “Print shipping labels or invoices.”

 Combined shipping 3 blur.png


4. Select your shipping label.


Now, click on “Purchase and print shipping labels” and select “US postage Service or FedEx shipping label.”


Combined shipping 4.png

 5. Enter your shipping details as usual

You’ll be in familiar territory, now. Just add your weight and dimensions, select your shipping service, and get that package out to your carrier.

That’s it. If your buyer is paying for shipping, you might want to credit savings back to them as a partial refund through PayPal (especially if it’s something they’ve requested). On the other hand, if you offer free shipping, you’ve just saved yourself a little cash. Go, you!


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by pirate_snoopy · Thrill-Seeker | Updated

I wonder what @ecop!s buyers would think if they saw their user ids and email addresses being displayed to the world...Smiley Wink I know I wouldn't want that.


i have found this combine order thing very helpful when someone buys more than one item from me and does not use the cart. One good thing about the seller hub.

by legacytool · Adventurer

Sellers who offer this option are ALWAYS at the top of my list!

by rixstuff · Guide

I get how to do combined shipping of multiple purchases to the same buyer but I actually ran into a buyer from Italy who wanted me to get with 2 other sellers and ship all our packages to Italy together to save postage and customs!!  I dont think he completely understood how big the US is!


This method will combine items for the shipping label, not the orders in My ebay. They still appear as separate, and request feedback for both and create separate packing slips. You can do the same thing with bulk shipping labels. Ebay used to combine the order, allowing all purchases to be on one packing slip. Is this still possible to do?

by vintagecraze50 · Guide

Combined shipping is a great money saver for sellers and buyers alike and in general is a good practice. However, When you sell very expensive items and you combine them you need to be very careful using this. The issue is when you combine you get one tracking number. Now, let's just look at a possible bad scenerio that can happen with this. Buyer contact you and says, "hey.I only got the one item in the package" Well, wonder what will happen when they open a case with Ebay and Pay Pal stating this. Seller only has one tracking number to verify item(s) were sent. Now, who is Ebay and Pay Pal going to believe. Would like some clarification on this because at present it seems combining expensive items is a huge risk. You need separate tracking numbers to shown without a doubt that several items were sent and recieved with valid tracking uploaded in the case.


If we send partial refund back to buyer due to savings on combined shipping. Does Ebay credit us final value fees on shipping?

News Team
News Team

Thanks for the feedback @*gosnoopy*! I've fixed the images so that users IDs and emails have been blurred. ~Audrey

by varebelrose · Guide

You lost me at step one, "Log into Seller Hub". Don't like it, don't use it, don't want to use it.




"If we send partial refund back to buyer due to savings on combined shipping. Does Ebay credit us final value fees on shipping?"


Years ago, eBay would automatically adjust/correct the FVFS when a Seller gave a partial refund to a Buyer for combined shipping. Then it stopped. Now, when a partial refund is sent to the Buyer, the only way a Seller will get their refund on the overpayed portion is to phone eBay and specifically ask for it. I've had to this numerous times in recent years. And there's a cut-off period so one needs make sure they're asking for the partial refund within 1-2 month billing period. SADLY eBay doesn't inform members they are entitled to a partial refund when they've overpayed their fees. When you've done right by the Buyer, make sure eBay does right by you.

by bfdgems · Adventurer

  We have a lot of orders we combine and do refunds on because  when ebay updated the shopping cart the buyers can no longer request an invoice.  Ebay suggests using the combining rules to fix the issue but that doesn't work with USPS as they don't take into account weight limit for First Class, and more improtantly for our customers, flat rate boxes.  We were calling up and getting refunds when they first changed the shipping cart but when it was running 2 or 3 a day they stopped allowing us to call & get the FVF refund.  The customer service rep told us to just pass the FVF on the refund on to the customer.  Not exactly a practice that will "delight" your buyers as ebay likes to suggest.  I feel ebay is entirely focused on the buyer side of the house or keeping the Mega sellers happy, which is where all the buyer side "upgrades" are focused as they try to find growth in an Amazon world.  I can understand that they are in a bad position as the old business model of selling used items via auction has a very low growth ceiling that they have probably already hit but it just gets a little old continually getting thrown under the bus as a mid size seller.


Has eBay taken care of the "glitch" that prevents combined shipping to Switzerland and other nations? I had some good sales and the global shipping program would not allow me to combine shipping no matter what I did. I took the hit and ate the loss in shipping to please my customer. I would sell internationally again IF the global shipping program would allow combined shippping - in fact, it actually popped up a window that said it couldn't accommodate combining purchases for shipping! Has it been fixed? If not, I won't sell globally until you do - I can't afford to. Many of my sales (low cost stuff) get combined - wish you'd fix this!

by stackers_xag · Scout

I'm with varebelrose and sherryberry111. I've tried Seller Hub and don't care for it. Buyers need to use the cart just the same as they would if they were shopping on a Big Box stores website. It's also more convenient for both parties, Seller & Buyer, when purchasing multiple items.


FYI Buyers: Personally, I enjoy the 6 months no payments & no interest option that PayPal offers on purchases of $99.00 or more. If you're buying multiple items that sell for a smaller price you can place them all together in your cart and pay in one lump sum using PayPal. If the total price of the combined purchase is $99.00 or more, you'll have the 6 month option. This works with items being purchased from multiple sellers as well. When paying for them individually you won't have this option. Just a heads up for those who may not be aware.


Have a Blessed Day!

Rising Star

It would be nice if you would have a 'Print' button, so we could save the information we want for quick reference,


@chucksterstix in the top right corner next to the date and time you'll see 3 horizontal dots (...) this is the, Option Menu, feature. Click on that, then "Printer friendly Page". You'll be able to print the article.


Hope this helps.....

by mr_lincoln · Rockstar

@griffville I've read several threads where sellers want to send two packages on one order for two separate items.  The advice they have been given is to print two labels and put one of each package.  Correct me if I am wrong but that does not sound right.  That means two identical tracking numbers in the USPS system and no way for Seller to confirm BOTH packages were delivered.  Potential train wreck?  To me Combined shipping means put all items in one package and put one label on it (adjust shipping costs via an invoice back to the Buyer).


@bfdgems If an eBay CSR disputes your entitlement to a partial refund then call back and speak with another. Refusing to issue the partial refund you are entitled to is, in my view, equal to catching an employee with their fingers in the til who then refuses to put the funds back. Being held to high standards is a 2-way street. But don't do it daily. Keep records on a spreadsheet and do it once or twice a month. A couple of years ago I had a good talk with an eBay CEO about having to phone in for my partial refunds, as I wanted to know why they adopted such a cumbersome method over the previous one that worked better. I also mentioned some CSRs were starting to give me hard time over it. The CEO answered, "something broke, and we haven't been able to fix it", and said a rep is not entitled to withhold or question your right to funds on overpayment of fees. If a rep complains there are too many my reply has been "you can always FIX the system, but until that happens do we're stuck with doing it this way". Let them escalate the broken system. That's the problem. Whether one operates a store or sells without a prepaid plan, eBay posts their rates so customers know (and agree) to their fees. There is nothing that says "we keep any overpayments". If I went to my grocers and they habitually held back the change after I gave them dollar bills I'd be looking for another. The CSRs understand the analogies, esp as it relates to theft. The priority to "fix the system" must have gotten really low as old members didn't figure out what was going on; thought they had no recourse; or thought they need to follow advice from the rare, lazy CS rep that's discourteous to the Buyer (ie, deduct it from the portion that gets refunded back to them). Maybe eBay relies on Sellers not checking their bill or has since come to see it as an extra revenue stream. Think of it this way: if eBay has 10,000 Sellers each month who routinely overpay $5-$10 on fees because of issues associated with combined shipping, how much extra do they pocket? Between $50,000 - $100,000. Each month. We know there are more than 10,000 sellers at any given time. It's not pocket change. Unclaimed partial refunds could total well over $1 million each year since that part of the system "broke". That's more than enough to pay a decent IT team to fix the problem. We can always hope eBay decides to do this honorably, before it draws the attention of a decent law firm to represent eBay Sellers who have not been justly refunded.

by mr_lincoln · Rockstar

@*playitagain*  So that you know, eBay published these numbers within the last year I believe ... over 25 MILLION registered selling IDs and over 165 MILLION Buying IDs ... your numbers for over-payments per month are "possibly" a fraction of reality.  Last fall when eBay confirmed they had a glitch with upgrades being selected by their system and NOT the Seller on Relisting I used a similar example for $$ ... so if just 10 cents per 25 MILLION Sellers was over-charged (or in my exmaple, upgrade fees were charged) the number would be 2.5 MILLION $$ ... even if it happened to only 1/2 the sellers the number is still over 1 MILLION per month ... just thought to mention that .................... I suspect someone will reply to this post.


@mr_lincoln, "I suspect someone will reply to this post." LOL.........Smiley Very Happy


If 1 million people would be so kind as to deposit just $0.10 each in my PayPal account, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your time! You are most kind Smiley Wink

by mr_lincoln · Rockstar

@variety_nook, Wow, I REALLY appreciate you replying!  This thread was started by eBay on shipping, I actually posted further on that with a question but do not recall any reply from @griffville the sponsor of this post ... and yes, I would take the 0.10 errant depost from a million folks too. 

But anyway, this thread was started Jan 27 and as I look up through it no replies from the eBay OP ... maybe they just "have" to create the occsaional post as part of their job, who knows?!?


Combined shipping is a myth. You cant take 2 items out of boxes that fit them and place both items into 1 box smaller than either item.


It would be nice if you would have a 'Print' button, so we could save the information we want for quick reference,


Another way would be to use your browser to print it. Every browser is different, so I can't give you any exact instructions to do it Smiley Happy


Good to read this.Smiley Happyheart


I, too, have had issues MANY times, with random international countries, NOT being able to combine to cart, even with the box "checked". I went through hoop after hoop, to get the customer their purchases. Crazy the extra time that was spent first exploring if it was something I or the customer was doing incorrectly!

After several occurences, and my total frustration with eBay and apologizing over and over to customers, providing them detailed math costs by message and then assuring them,  I would immediately refund their PayPal accounts the postage difference, ended up being my ONLY solution. All the times, multiple phone calls to eBay, HOURS on the phone, eventually I got ONE CSR  who offered a solution, but only a workaround. I was grateful BUT this solution was and is NOT customer friendly!!


The solution:  with the listing's combine/calculate boxes "checked" and with international customers still unable to "combined to cart",  message your customer and instruct them to sign out of their international eBay site and open a new browser with the www.ebay.com (USA eBay site address) and sign in with their buyer ID.


If the immediate payment box is checked, eBay should total the items on 1 invoice and the customer is able to make 1 payment. If the immediate payment boxes are not checked, instruct the customer to "request total", seller's can adjust postage and then send the customer the invoice. Also, to further complicate the process,  I found some customers did not understand how to combined to cart nor knew to request total. 


Using the USA eBay website workaround solution WORKS! 

When I asked eBay why random international eBay websites are not programmed to interface with the combine item option, no one had an answer! 


I hope this information is helpful and I hope eBay resolves this glitch! 


Thank you so much, needed this info

Very helpful



To be covered by Seller Protection, the transaction will also need to meet the following requirements:

  • You ship the item to the shipping address listed on the PayPal Transaction Details page


    Initial Requirements

    To be covered by Seller Protection, the transaction will also need to meet the following requirements:
    • You ship the item to the shipping address listed on the PayPal Transaction Details page
    • The item sold must be a physical, tangible item that can be shipped. This means intangible items such as digital goods and services aren’t covered.
    • If we request documentation or other relevant information, we ask that you respond promptly (typically within 10 business days).
    • Your permanent address (listed in your PayPal account) must be in the United States.
    Additional Requirements

    For Item Not Received cases:
    • The payment must be marked “eligible” or “partially eligible” on the “Transaction Details” page.
    • You must provide online tracking to be eligible for protection.
    • Provide proof of delivery. For transactions of $750.00 or more, you need to provide signed delivery confirmation.
    • We require online tracking to confirm delivery.





This is very useful information, but I think there's a lot of sellers who need more information when figuring out other aspects of Combined Shipping, when listing their items, as it is very complex when using the Calculated & Flat Shipping Rules to actually save buyers and sellers money on shipping, as in my post in the community here:




by rainyaz · Adventurer

Anybody know how to make a combined packing slip?