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Talins world

Talins world


A little 6 yo fighting for his life.


Talin is Special, he has a condition that is very serious called a Pontine Glioma.


his Daddy fighting for awareness and to make a difference to children and families in this or similar positions.


Follow a heartwarming story. It will make you laugh make you cry it will teach you about humanity amongst many other things.


This journey is life changing and you can help simply by spreading the word.


This is the poem Talins Dad Gerry Tye wrote for him:


My Promise...

I promise to walk you through this journey, by hand skipping along till you can no longer walk, then I will carry you while my feet blister and my back cracks, though all sorts of weather I will protect you from the storm, the sticks and the stones with myself and very being...


I will hold you close, my brightest light, my son, my friend as your light diminishes in this bright world to become greater in another. I pledge to look after your brothers as best as I am able, to guide and to hold them in this journey, to help them grow into the beautiful men that you are in your child's body


Though your wisdom shines bright , your mind is a delight, I bear witness to its' story in the never ending time of tapestry, woven in the hearts and minds of all that follow your journey.

Your voice may be weak, but your words are heard. Your legs may be weak but your being is strong, in your heart of hearts you are a lion, majestic, dignified and inspiring to myself and others. I wish for your courage as I carry you on this journey, as my heart breaks and is reduced to ashes, as things I value are torn away.

Though I may be belittled, I am still strong in your eyes, and nothing can take that away...

I walk, sometimes barely, step after step, for my son, into the unknown for as long as you will let me.


Turning over every stone, looking for a solution even if there is maybe none. Hoping for hopes sake, yet celebrating each and every heart breaking moment that I have with you...


Be strong I hear, but all I feel is weakness, except for the promise to go on as your father through this journey, no matter how hard, no matter how short, till the story is written in the stars

For My Son Talin...



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