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Is that Rolex stolen??


Re: Is that Rolex stolen??

There is a website, Rolextracker, where you can check if a rolex was reported as lost or stolen by the serial number. They have quite a big database created by users. 



Is that Rolex stolen??

You won't find a stolen Rolex because Ebay Rolex dealers and others use third party Chinese made aftermarket products with unique serial numbers where needed. It is easy to grind off the serial numbers and put different ones on. I am not a troll. My postings are legit and people run scared from them because I speak of the truth. The scared ones have retracted their posts wherever I am telling the truth. The guilty run.

Is that Rolex stolen??

Hi Rick,
Its a Myth, there is no Officail Rolex stolen watch data base, Rolex do have a list of reported stolen watches, but its NOT open for public viewing, and so how up to date it is, we never know, there are many unoffical ways to check
Stolen database helpline 011-44-1322 553454 This is UK

You can google more Risk, and I am pretty sure by the end of the day, you will get alot more input.
The majority of Good sellers on ebay do have a genuine legal source of supply. Mark
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Is that Rolex stolen??

All high end watches have serial numbers, usually they have two, one for the case and one for the movement, try getting both, contact Rolex and ask them if it's all good.

Or, if you're willing to spend that much on a watch, just buy one from a reputable dealer.

Is that Rolex stolen??

I want to buy a high-end (10K-15K) Rolex on E-bay. I know, check your seller, etc. I'm not as concerned about buying a fake as I am one that has been reported stolen. The last thing I want is to send the watch to Rolex for service only to have it not returned because it is in their database as a stolen item. Can anyone tell me how to specifically check this out before I purcase the watch? Thanks in advance. Rick