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How much commision does a typical selling assistant get?

How much commission dow a typical selling assistant get?

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in reply to kentscycles


I sell for others and my fee is 25% and the client pays all fees. It really depends on the area. Some trading assistants charge more.


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In my area it's usually around 30% if they're selling from their home - up to 50% if they have a store with rent to pay.

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I used to charge a flat 40% and paid the fees but it really depends on what you are selling.


I can't get 40% for baby clothing, but I can for antiques.


But in the end-I only sell for me because most people who want you to  sell their stuff have an inflated value in mind and are not happy with the price you got.


There is nothing more fun that selling a $300 antique plate and having the owner refuse to sell for that much.  Not worth any price.

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It depends.  There are many combinations of fees and commissions.  But 30% total isn't unheard of.


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