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DESIGNER Anri chess sets

Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
I like ANRIs. (So what else is new?) Well, what also is not new is that the (financial) value of these sets, for some reason, continues to climb. This particular set had gone for about $450 just a few years ago. Now, even with damage to chess pieces, it is going for over $500. (Maybe not all that much of a difference, but it still did climb, and not all chess sets climb in financial value, as many of you already know...) Granted, they are finely carved. They have been referred to as "...the antiques of the future..." (though that will certainly be after I kick the bucket!) and I believe (but am not sure) that the ANRI company is still making just one s tyle figural set.) The rest of the myriad s tyles have been "retired". BTW, I still think that some chess collectors do not see or appreciate the fine carving and coloration of these figural ANRIs. Then again, "to each his own." However, I really do think that the prices, which many if not most of the sellers of these ANRIs have been asking (and which they have generally been going for), are way out of line. I suspect that as time goes on, the asking and realized prices will likely settle down to more realistic, long-term prices. One s tyle of ANRI that seems to have exceptionally (and unreasonably) skyrocketed... and please pardon the unintended pun... is the "Space Age" set. John, VT. PS: Dan Dwolf... you do know that I was only joking around and teasing you and others in my previous posting on this thread, right? ;-)
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
John VT, Speaking for all plastic folks I got one thing to say to you, "I got your wooden Anri right here, buddy!" :^O dwolf357 magnum P.S. Well maybe not exactly "here" but somewhere in storage way in the back. I got three of them and I don't mean Lowe plastics or Toriart junk either! Just don't like to brag on them like some ktkt guy. But they're there, lurking. ]Smiley Happy
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
Smiley Surprised ?Smiley Indifferent :^O
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
Whoa! I've reduced John VT to three mere emoticons? Gotta pat myself on the back! (pat, pat) Setting aside my silliness for a while, if you're an Anri lover, do try to get the Anri catalog from Floyd Sarisohn. Excellent guide to sets from this fine company (including Toriart). Dan P.S. My apologies to Toriart aficionados out there, they're not junk. Just the more affordable end of the Anri spectrum. Enjoy!
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
Hmm, Dan, anytime you need my address...... I'm not always home to receive packages but I can always make arrangements. ]Smiley Happy I did get that ANRI publication from Floyd and it is indeed an excellent guide. Now if I could only afford more ANRI than just the catalog......
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If you go with the flow you'll either get washed out to sea or be dammed.
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
Baron, Sorry but your transparent ploy to get me to sell you my Anri's won't work. :-p My three sets: Monsalvat, mini-Monsalvat, Far West and Universum. Er, I mean my four, yes, that's it FOUR Anri's: Monsalvat, mini-Monsalvat, Far West and Universum will be staying put for now. (Have I bragged on my Anri's enough already?) John VT, Don't have nothing to comment on the current Anri's other than I can't believe that one guy that paid a queen's ransom for that set with the chewed up rook. I'm sure it wasn't lsarios as he's taken my advice. For now I'm in the same boat as the Baron ... no moola for some serious Anri bidding. But that may change after I hold up a bank (they got all the TARP money just sitting there doing nothing. I can certainly use it to add that Carribean set to my Anri Collection). B-) Cheers! dwolf350something
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
Sell?? Who said anything about sell?
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If you go with the flow you'll either get washed out to sea or be dammed.
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
Hiya, Dan Dwolf (357 pat pat) ;-) I restrained myself on the emoticons; I wanted to use a lot more, but thought better of it! On a serious note, though, I like your collection of wooden ANRIs - and I am glad you let us know what you have (and/but I do not consider your mentioning of those sets as bragging.) Telling us what you have can add for further discussion. Question: Can you tell me more of your "mini-Monsalvat"? (I would like some details... I like details...) Might it be similar or the same as the following? criteria: chess +sold&p=1&v=L&id=155&n4=chess&n5=sold&n7=on&n8=on& Duncan D-baron (and Dan Dwolf). Yes, I do have that catalogue somewhere... got it from Floyd (as you had suggested) many moons and sun revolutions ago. Now, if I can only find that catalogue and even read it! Regardless, you give good advice to fans of Wooden and Toriat ANRIs. John. PS: I have an extra, extremely large, folding (into 4 rectangular sections) ANRI board that (as I recall) has 4 inch squares. It needs some repair (mainly at the folding areas, where piano hinge-like metal devices are/would be). Anyone interested in some type of barter or monetary exchange arrangement? If so, I will go and make accurate measurements as well as a better assessment as to condition...
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
I cannot claim to have any interest in Anri sets, and have zero expertese. However this Album put together by Robert is to be commended. What a fine looking construction for Collectors of these Chessmen. The Moro site is equally impressive, withholding text omissions. Smiley Wink
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
Guy Chesspurr, Thanks for the link to Robert's photo album. I agree; it is outstanding! (Every once in a while, when I go to such Picasa Photo Albums, I see very high quality of pictures and good information and/or discussion about chess sets. No wonder why you often urge folks to have such a photo album.) Thanks again! Should I assume, (Dan Dwolf or Robert Van Der), that the last ANRI set shown in Robert's photo album (which he calls "Camelot" and has a 3 1/4 tall king) is the "Mini-Montsalvat" to which you (Dan) referred a few postings ago? Unless I have missed it, I do not see in that photo album, any "Mini-Montsalvat" chess set. John. PS: Or maybe I should just finally dig out the ANRI catalog and see if one with such a title exists there?
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
John VT, Sorry your Anri catalog is "way in the back". No need to hurt yourself attempting to get it if such an endeavour proves perilous. I can tell you that the Monsalvat Miniature is model no. 71813. It is not the last Anri shown in Robert's excellent album. Look at photos nos. 235-252 instead. That's the Monsalvat Miniature. For some unknown reason they are listed on Robert's album as being 7" tall. The Anri catalog itself lists this set as 3" tall. The king in my set stands 3.5". Since I have only one set in my collection as reference it's possible that sets with 3" kings exist. However, am less inclined to accept that such a pedestal style as this was done with a 7" king. Methinks this was just an innocous mis-labelling in Robert's album. Dan P.S. You caught me red-handed, Johnny V. You knew I'm very inclined to make up fake Anri sets and then claim that I own them. ]Smiley Happy So double check your Anri catlog. Just don't blame me if you break an arm or leg tyring to dig it out of that closet with the 300 chess sets! Oy! :^O
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
John, I have changed the titles. Now you can find the miniature Monsalvat sets (painted and not painted). Dan, My email is
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
Robert, Have sent you photos of what I think may be a 71005. Feel free to share them by posting to your Anri album. Let me know what do you think about this set? Dan
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
Dan, Thank you for the photos. I have placed them in my ANRI album. It's for me the first time to see this set. I love the presentation box. The chess pieces are maybe not wood but genuine ivory and ebony. Something ANRI also used for number 91800. Who has more information? Do you agree photos 253 - 264 are number 71006? Robert
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
Robert, Yes, I agree that album photos 253-264 are most likely Anri catalog no. 71006. The 7-inch old style Monsalvat painted. I have to admit that I did a re-think on the three photos I submitted. They cannot be 71005. Here's why. (1) The gold deluxe fancy box is identical to that of no. 81801. (2) The design is also similar to the 81801. These two key points are shown on the front page of the Anri catalog. So the photos of the black and white Monsalvat that I sent you may be an unlisted variety. But they do belong in the "new" version of this branch. Have noticed that the pawns of the "old" version of the Monsalvat (nos. 71005 white/black and 71006 painted) are completely different that those of the "new" version. My mistake was that the catalog mentions "white/black" for no. 71005. So automatically I thought that was what they were. But this is not correct. Until additional information comes to light, my belief is that this set is an unlisted Anri belonging to the 71801 / 81801 family. The king would have to be 5.75-inch. Cheers! Dan
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
Hi, Dan. Thanks for the added info - and your detailed discussions (including with Robert) on the ANRIs. I have to admit that you have appropriately shamed me :_| into (at least) opening my closet door in search of the Anri catalog. I have been laughing so much at your tongue-in-cheek comments to me (which I actually appreciate and which is usually reserved for our British cousins rather than our American brothers) that I just managed to crawl to the correct chess room! ;-) There is a saying, "one day at a time". In my case, it is an agonizingly slow, "one step at a time". I will keep you posted as to my endeavors, "in search of the missing treasure"... which I wonder if could be found in this evening's TV "Survivor" series show. (Watching that show will indeed come first, since I do have my priorities!) :^O "Johnny V".
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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets

It seems like it's been quite a while since this thread topic has been utilized. Maybe it's time to revive it?


I suspect that the following set up for bid (at a hefty price, too) is not an ANRI. The seller does not describe it an ANRI; the boxboard does not look all that ANRI-ish; and I don't see any little related stickers that often accompany ANRIs.


BUT the pieces are from carved wood, and seem relatively well carved at that. It is also, reportedly made in Italy. Perhaps one of the other Italian, small woodcarving companies?


Any thoughts? Clay (Noybear)? Floyd (Lichess)? Dan (dwolf)? Robert (Van der)? Where is co-leader Robert these days, anyway? Other ANRI fans?


John (sleepless in Vermont).

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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets



This set that you noticed being listed is most certainly NOT by Anri !


The figures appear to have excellent detail but at the same time the pictures indicate, to me, that the figures are also very flat, similar to the myriad lesser oriental bone sets. The opposing themes also put me at a loss as the white side pawns appear very Roman-esque altho the queen and other "royalty" pieces almost seem Helenic. The dark side is more Islamic from several centuries later. On the plus side is that the figures all seem to go well in overall composition.


Just using my eyes, which are very prone to defect, and based on his height numbers (which I think he got reversed), I am guessing the bases at close to 2" in diameter but it also would indicate that the pieces are of approximately 1/8" material but certainly no greater than 3/16". The detail difference is something that I know very little about but on a wild guess only, I am thinking that it may be a case of pyrography (wood burning) as some of the tips and so forth these days is way beyond what I was used to as a child. We can only assume that the backs of pieces are equally detailed but I did not see one picture that shows even a partial back altho I guess that this assumption (for backs being done also) could be made on the basis of the knights facing opposite directions ?


Based on the myriad facts that I have made assumptions about, my best guess is that it was made by using a laser to cut the detail , profiles and so forth which would also explain the detail "coloring" and particularly the exactness of figure duplication.


The box/ case could be of Italian manufacture but could just as well have been done in India and retrofitted with material to hold the pieces so I cannot offer any opinion on it.


The seller does not indicate that it might be OOAK but I am prone to think that it might very well be exactly that. Despite that fact, I really do not believe that a price of 1/4th the current asking price will ever be realized and probably less than that, but who knows ?


Clay Neubert

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Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets

Clay, You are right on point. NOT ANRI, and I agree with all of your comments.on this set. Floyd

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Re: Re: DESIGNER Anri chess sets
I have a set of Chessman I believe may be an ANRI Knights of the Round Table set. Where could I send/post photos to find out more about it? My mother purchased the set in Morocco in 1957.
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