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i get random characters in my id before i log in

when i try to log in to ebay i get random characters like




if i erase them and try and log in my browser completely locks up. this only happens on my computer and only when i try to log in to ebay, not any other sites.


i have run anti-virus software with the ebay screen up and without it and there is never a virus found.



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in reply to dowser117

Go up to your browsers Tools tab and clear cache, cookies and browsing history, then restart the computer and try again.


You might try a different web browser if that doesn't help.

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in reply to dowser117

I am having the same issues with logging in. I have tried IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. I get the exact same thing every time: Hi, 馟džڇ_Z退 (Sign in)Daily Deals . This is getting really old since I have to run somewhere else to do any of my business. It will allow me to login once in awhile and then it will kick me back out once I click on something. I have Norton on my computer and since this has happened I have downloaded and ran a variety of Malware, Anti virus and Registry cleaners to fix the problem. Seeing as how it happens on ALL browsers, I was thinking that it might be a site issue, however it doesn't happen on other computers at different locations. I have cleaned and cleared browsing, cache, data log files, and ran Advance System Care. Nothing seems to work, so if anyone has had this problem and fixed it without formatting the hard drive, I would be very thankful.