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ebay home page incorrectly prompts me to upgrade my browser even though I am using the latest version. When will it be fixed?

I just upgraded to the latest release of IE10.  This was recently released and I was disappointed to see that eBay incorrectly reads the user-agent and thinks this is an old version.  With the rapid frequency of Firefox and Chrome updates, I am shocked that this can happen.  Certainly reflects poorly on ebay since the dialog sends the user on a wild goose chase to upgrade.  When Microsoft starts pushing this through Windows Update, I won't be the only one complaining.  Particularly since we all know that the browser likely works great with the page and this poorly programmed version detection is the only thing preventing me from using the current ebay page. 


I am using Windows 7 64-bit with the final release version of IE10


Here is a screenshot that sums it up:



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in reply to valkyrie-mt

When will it be fixed?


We are users like you.

How would we know?