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Registered: ‎02-25-2013
Sign out button and top of ebay menu doesn't work on IE10.

Bought a new Windows8 PC comes with IE10.  When sign into ebay, the top bar is not functioning.  The left hand side name is missing, so I can not get to account setting and sign out.  Normally when the mouse move to right hand side over the list, there will pop a sub-list to choose, it is not working either.  Checked java setting and internet security, everything is fine.  Use different browsers, there will have no such issue.  Is this compatibility problem?

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in reply to barrybay8

Lots of problems with Internet Explorer & ebay.   Switch to Firefox or Chrome - both browsers work better than IE.

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Registered: ‎03-18-2013
in reply to barrybay8

IE 10 on Windows 7 has the same problem - no dropdown menu items work at all. I "upgraded" to IE 10 on my system and the problem immediately occured. Will uninstall and revert back to IE 9 since it also happens on many other sites too.


No fix in the forseeable future from MS this year. Only way around the issue is to use another browser if you want to use the menus and have IE 10 - If runnings Windows 8 there is no workaround other than to install a different browser and use it for EBay.


One method / workaround if you have to use IE 10 is to use the hard linked menus on the left side of the screen when inside EBay.


Known issue with IE 10 since Beta last July - not important enough for MS to fix.