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Shipping Label Printing Incorrectly

My labels are printing incorrectly.  I print postage through ebay and use an 8.5x11 sheet with two labels per sheet.  The last time I printed labels, several months ago, everything worked great and the label would print "landscape" on the half sheet of paper, allowing me to use the other half for my next label.  To my knowledge no settings have been changed on my computer or printer, however, now my labels are printing "portrait" and one label is printing on both of the labels.  I cannot figure out how to fix this.  The closest I came was by clicking on the "open the label" link and from there going to print preview and again changing it to landscape.  BUT this causes problems because even if I click to print only the one page, three more pages always print out (all of the label) AND the dotted line at the bottom of the printed label carries over to the blank label.  When printing a second label those dots appear under one of the bar codes so it does not work either.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!  I've attached a copy of what the label looks like when printed.  (I labeled "top label" & "bottom label" on either side of the line that separates the two labels for a better reference).

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in reply to layniecats

check the printer preferences settings on your printer.


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in reply to layniecats

it's possible the setting did get changed, when you print another label, click preferences when the print box comes up and change it to landscape if you don't want the receipt.

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