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Has the description area of selling an item changed?

Hello, This is my first time using this message board area. While listing my auction, the description area of the auction has changed and no longer can I make words bold or larger. The final result now looks like a paragraph rather than listing line after line. It now looks all run together. Is this a new change? Why am I still seeing other people's auctions looking the way mine use to, but I can no longer do? Thank for any help.

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in reply to aripeka1

Do you have two tabs at the top of the description section - standard and HTML?  If so, make sure to click on the standard tab and it will be back to normal.  I just encountered this a week or so ago when I listed for the first time in a long time.  Thru me for a loop for a minute.  If there are no tabs then you might have to switch browsers. 

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in reply to aripeka1

I have the same problem all of a sudden.  There are no tabs to choose from & no options.  Also if I go to revise a listing, the description is all in HTML & I can't change from that either!  Why would our browsers have trouble all of a sudden like this?