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New Illegal Stamps Reference

New Illegal Stamps Reference


I have started a new section on the site that images illegal stamps. It is a new concept. Taking a verified UPU Circular and showing every or almost every illegal stamp the circular defines. By imaging the illegal stamps it is the perfect reference for collectors, dealers and auction sites to use as reference to root out sellers of them.


Up until now the UPU and various other sites have stated that the illegal stamps should not be shown in images for various reasons. All of those reasons are INVALID and it is now proven that what has been done is not stopping the sales of illegal stamps. Some who say that they should not be imaged have made these statements by design. Corruption in stamp societies and even the UPU are behind this denial.


For years now the problem has evolved into a massive availability of illegal stamps as the sellers have become emboldened because of no retaliation from eBay or many other venues. Just look at Benin or Madagascar for example and you will see that what the circulars define as illegal stamps are blatently being sold right here on eBay. For certain years you will find that 99% of say, 140 lots, for that year alone are offers for illegal stamps.


Many sellers evade detection using other terms and will not post the year in the title. Some will evade by not even posting the country name in the title. Almost all are targeting topical collectors.

The ones who post the lot by the "year of issue" are indeed very bold and think they have some sort of "right" to sell them. according to international laws...they support criminals.


Madagascar just posted a new circular in 2016 describing certain stamps that are illegal. Those stamps are blatently being offered here on eBay right now! The evidence shows that the sellers who are offering them have direct ties to the producers or are the producers themselves. Just look at them yourself and compare with the imaged illegal stamps on the 2016 page on the site!


It is time for all legitimate collectors and dealers to go to war against these people. Many of these sellers are major sellers with "reputable" reputations. Many sell legitimate stamps as well. For those sellers I say don't buy ANYTHING from them if they sell illegal stamps. Let them know you will not do business with them BECAUSE they sell illegal stamps. If you do then you are only supporting the illegal stamp trade which is basically a stamp dealer who is bent on ripping you off!


Please visit the introductory page and check out the linked country pages at the bottom of it. I would like feedback and opinions on what is there. I have already received commendations from some leaders in the philatelic world including some tied to the U.P.U. itself! so I think I am on the right track.


It is still in the early stages of developement and there are many circulars to go. Ebay can use the reference to root out these sellers. All the imaged illegal stamps are verified by the circular which is posted as a pdf file for viewing on each page. And if you don't believe it, go to the UPU site and get it yourself. The WNS site is linked as well.


The reference pages are strictly based on the circulars. Not the WNS system which has faults.

This is my contribution to stamp collectors worldwide. Here is the link to the introduction page.


ILLEGAL STAMPS (An Introduction)


Thank you.

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Re: New Illegal Stamps Reference

Re: New Illegal Stamps Reference

in reply to Jan 13, 2017 3:59:02 PM
I stated that my reference pages do not use the WNS system which is actually an incorrect statement for certain countries. If the UPU circular has the statement like Madagascar's latest circular:

"Paositra Malagasy also takes this opportunity to point out that Madagascan postage stamps issued officially since 2002 are visible on the UPU's WNS website."

Then of course they are stating that all legitimate stamp issues are shown on the WNS site and if they are not shown....then they are illegal stamps. I apologize if there is any misunderstanding from my first post.
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Re: New Illegal Stamps Reference

Re: New Illegal Stamps Reference

in reply to Feb 21, 2017 10:00:15 AM
Rising Star

Hi, will it be possible to denounce such dealers to eBay so they can stop this practice?   It is very easy to detect these items.  There is an option on the listing "report item" but the choices offered are very limited and do not clearly include "illegal" items as per eBay's policies.

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Re: New Illegal Stamps Reference

Re: New Illegal Stamps Reference

in reply to Feb 21, 2017 5:53:21 PM

Reporting them seems to fall on deaf ears. I have reported numerous items as prohibited and restricted items-Stamps, currency and Coins-other currency and stamp concerns. Nothing happens. these are bigtime dealers. My take is the UPU should step in and force sales of this junk to be stopped using international means.


As far as reporting this stuff....maybe if more people here on eBay got involved and DID report this stuff on a massive scale eBay might take notice. I note that these sellers sell a LOT though so stopping them will take a bite out of profits for eBay which apparently is not in their interest to do. As long as there is no major players like the UPU or government involvement or massive protest by the stamp community itself, sites like this will continue to allow these rip-offs to continue to sell.


Also some of these sellers have been banned before but have simply changed their accounts and start up again. Until sites like eBay develop a system that detects this stuff as soon as a seller tries to put it up (image detection) and blocks them immediately this junk will be here. That is why I am developing a site using images. They could easily just collect the images from my site and put them into a detection program and easily see who is selling this stuff.. It is the only way to stop them now. They cannot sell the junk without images and therefore they are easy to detect.


This not only involves illegal stamps but fake British Locals and fake reproduction which have flooded the market. some of these sellers are involved in all three types....rrrr.

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Re: New Illegal Stamps Reference

Re: New Illegal Stamps Reference

in reply to Jul 13, 2017 11:36:44 AM
The task to detect the illegal stamps does not seem easy! Yes, indeed it is often (not always) possible to "see by eye" which stamps are not the official editions. If You report the listing with those stamps eBay will not act, just because they do not have an alive person to monitor each item, to determinate which is legal and which is not. I am just more surprised, that there are the amateur philatelists who buy all this garbage and do not understand that they are fake, otherwise if they do and yet do not care about, then it is even worse - to be collecting the paper waste or to re-sell it!!!
And, speaking of some specific countries, which are the victims of this sort of production, Benin, The Gambia, Madagascar etc etc... Their postal authorities do not fight against this, I would say, fake money (stamps do have money value, unless if they are obsolete) production. I am sure if someone brings these "stamps" to a smaller post office at Benin, it is very likely he could mail a real letter with them!!! Nobody in Benin knows what stamps circulate and what don't. On the other hand I am pretty sure that such "stamps" if they were simulacras of USPS stamps would have been fast discovered and sellers punished severely!
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Re: New Illegal Stamps Reference

Re: New Illegal Stamps Reference

in reply to Jul 16, 2017 5:56:24 AM
Indeed they would bulkcover! It is quite obvious who the major sellers are of these illegal stamps. As the research continues the sellers who are connected with the producers (possibly the producers themselves) are becoming obvious with the newest illegal stamps that coincide with the newest UPU circulars shows.
There is no doubt they are connected directly with the source because they offer the latest illegal stamps and at first are exclusive in selling a particular "style" within a month of the year in question.
A simple task for a person to figure out...yet the UPU, country, societies, stamp venues like eBay and the general stamp collecting community sit idly by as these crooks continue to sell this fake junk.
That is why I am producing the imaging site. So everyone can see exactly what they are and who is selling them. The sellers listed should be avoided in all regards. Even though many sell "legitimate" stamps as well and are considered by many as "reputable" in status, as long as they support the sales of illegal stamps and are on the list....don't buy ANYTHING from them. In most cases what they sell that is legitimate can be purchased from any number of legitimate dealers and 9 times out of 10 can be purchased for less than these cons offer them for.
thank you for replying to this bulkcover!
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