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Cuban stamps banned? Really?

Cuban stamps banned? Really?


Happily preparing and listing my latest auctions via Turbo Lister, set to upload, and surprise - flagged by ebay telling me there are errors - I can't sell anything (stamps in my case) that originated from Cuba because of sanctions. Really? REALLY? Who knew. Totally floored by this. Here I am, dedicated ebay user, paying their fees, etc., etc., and they flag something so STUPID. I'm pretty sure Cuba is not profiting from the measly amount of money I (won't) be making, and I don't know anyone there anyway. I guess all we can do for now is complain to our Representatives and Senators about this. (Please do). This country can re-open a stupid embassy there but we can't sell a measly few bucks worth of stamps for our own profit. This is just such a joke. Unbelievable. For everybody that has posted about this subject - I now feel your pain.

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Re: Cuban stamps banned? Really?

Re: Cuban stamps banned? Really?

in reply to Oct 16, 2015 6:41:53 AM



Yes the embargo is being lifted slowly but as with many countries it takes time.

Long ago I sold Cuba here on eBay and made a lot!

I tried posting a couple lots a few months ago and found out the same.

In time I am sure that ebay will take them off the list.


The same thing with stamps from Iran. Some sell under the name Persia to bypass the problem.

Here again it was quite the upset when it happened.

Ebay strictly follows U.S. policy with such things... why? Because they are based here. They have to.


I think that part of the problem and why they do a blanklet NO SELL policy is because as with

many stamps, the country of origin has a lot of collectors who buy their own countries stamps.

I know when I sell Egyptian stamps many times I am shipping to none other than Egypt.


The policy is placed because it can be going to dealers in the country who in turn sell there who in

turn pay taxes to the government which makes profit from them which is thus breaking the sanctions.

get it?


I feel your pain but until embargos and sanctions are completely lifted and approval is given by the U.S.

government....there is nothing that you and I nor eBay can do about it.Smiley Wink

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Re: Cuban stamps banned? Really?

Re: Cuban stamps banned? Really?

in reply to Jan 21, 2017 4:39:22 AM
Though it won't match a search, use Quba instead of Cuba. The idiots at eBay probably won't catch it.
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